5 can buy gadget gifts for under S$30

Our list of five great gadget gifts under S$30 will definitely help you get something for your next office party or a thank you present for your colleague.

Baseus Wing Case for iPhone
Baseus Wing Case for iPhone review: Thin and matte

The Baseus Wing Case for iPhone is a pretty good buy if you’re looking for something that doesn’t add bulk to your iPhone 12.

Baseus i-wok Series Monitor LED Screen Hanging Light review: No more tired eyes

We’re staring at our screens a lot these days, no thanks to work from home…

Baseus Magnetic Cable
Baseus Magnetic Cable review: Cool but gimmicky

The Baseus Magnetic Cable makes a lot of sense for those who use different devices with swappable magnetic connectors including Lightning, USB Type-C, and Micro-USB.

Baseus Dual Wireless Charger
Baseus Dual Wireless Charger (10W) review: Two not better than one

The Baseus Dual Wireless Charger simultaneously charges two smartphones wirelessly but sometimes more is not always better.