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Five 2023 TVs to buy in 2024

Five 2023 TVs to buy in 2024


If you're looking to save as much as possible — say, to get the largest TV for your budget — it's a good idea to buy last year's television instead of the latest one. Because TV upgrades, barring the arrival of a new display technology, are mostly incremental. So you aren't missing much with an older model. Since TV makers typically roll out their refreshed TVs in April and May (case in point: Sony recently announced their 2024 lineup, so did LG), there's no better time to shop for last year's TVs than now. You may be able to find bigger discounts, and drive a harder bargain at retail stores.

Here then are five 2023 TVs that you should consider if you're shopping for one now. But don't take too long, because some of these models are going to disappear from stores soon — if they haven't already. Finally, if you are unsure about picking the ideal TV for your home, here's our guide on how to buy a TV.

Hisense U7K Mini-LED TV

Hisense U7K
Credit: Hisense

A good mini-LED TV like the Hisense U7K offer a nice compromise for those who want a higher peak brightness than most OLED TVs. Blacks actually look good, almost on a par with OLEDs, with less greyish areas than some Mini-LED TVs. The U7K also has all the features you'd want in a modern TV, from HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ to HDMI 2.1 ports that can do 4K@144Hz. Its only weakness: Hisense's VIDAA interface isn't quite as good as the competition. The TV is already out of stock on Lazada, so you'll need to be quick.

LG OLED evo G3

Credit: LG

Thanks to its Micro Lens Array (MLA) tech, the LG OLED evo G3 was one of the brightest OLED TVs in the market. While its LG G4 successor may boast some cool tricks with its new processor, 144Hz refresh rate, and will be even brighter, I think the LG G3 should hold its own. Design-wise, the LG G3 is already so sleek and slim that there isn't that much to improve for the LG G4. And since you already get four HDMI 2.1 ports, albeit at 120Hz with the G3, the older TV should suffice for most users.

Prism+ U65 Mini-LED TV

Prism+ U65
Credit: Prism+

Because of Prism+ unusual launch schedule, the Prism+ U65 is considered part of brand's 2024 TV lineup. Even though it technically came out last December. As a Mini-LED TV, the U65 is pretty decent. There isn't much blooming, though there are still some uneven streaks of illumination. Viewing angles are very good, with just a hint of colour shift when viewed from the sides. You also get two HDMI 2.1 ports at last. Pricing, though, has been the main selling point of Prism+ TVs, so it's probably best to check it out only when there's a sale.

Sony Bravia XR A95L

Sony A95L
Credit: Sony

If money is no object, the Sony Bravia XR A95L should be your go-to OLED TV. It was the best OLED TV of 2023, according to most critics, and produces impeccable, most natural-looking images. And with Sony focusing on its Bravia 9 Mini-LED TV this year, the A95L will also remain the Japanese firm's top OLED in 2024. The good news is that the A95L will likely give the best 2024 OLEDs a run for their money. Unfortunately, that probably means discounts may be rare.

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Sharp Aquos XLED TV

Sharp Aquos XLED
Credit: Sharp

Not interested in adding a soundbar? The Sharp Aquos XLED TV may be a good fit. It has one of the best speakers in a TV (11 speakers with a total output of 85W to be exact). There are even upward-firing and side tweeters for a more immersive surround sound experience. Picture quality is pretty good, too, as this Mini-LED TV has over 2,000 dimming zones. Screen uniformity is good, and blooming is kept in check. However, the TV is on the chunky side due to those speakers.

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