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ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger (APB03) review: Reliable two-in-one

ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger (APB03) review: Reliable two-in-one

ZMI 50W power bank UK

The ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger (or APB03) is designed to reduce your load when travelling. Instead of carrying a separate notebook power adapter and portable battery, this does both. Despite the name, there's no 50W output. ZMI added the USB-C output (45W) to the USB-A output (5W) when they are in use simultaneously to get 50W, and used that in the product name.

Quick specs

  • 45W Charger (USB-C output)
  • 6700mAh power bank
  • USB-C and USB-A outputs
  • 249g

The ZMI APB03 has a compact, squarish design, and weighs 249g. It has a primarily black, glossy finish, while the two sides that contain the USB outputs and two-pin retractable prongs have a matte finish. There is a single round button on the front surface. When pressed, it shows the remaining capacity of the power bank. As with other ZMI (and Xiaomi) power banks, devices start charging as soon as you plug them in — no button press required.

As a power bank, both the USB-A and USB-C ports output 18W maximum when used individually. I tested this with an Android phone and measured 17W using a USB-C to USB-C cable, close to the max output. This power bank will also fast charge your new iPhone 12 or iPhone SE. You can also charge two devices at the same time, but limited to 12W, so expect a longer charging time.

ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger

With a rated capacity of 6,700mAh, the output capacity of this power bank is 3,500mAh (5V). It will be able to charge a modern high-capacity Android phone once, or an iPhone SE about twice. In power bank mode, the ZMI APB03 is not able to effectively recharge a notebook. The only way to recharge the ZMI 50W Power Bank is to plug it in, using the China-standard retractable flat two-pin plug. As a travel companion, this is convenient as they disappear into the product when not in use. Also, many hotels will accept two-pin plugs without the need for an adapter.

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ZMI 50W power bank charger ports
USB-C and USB-A outputs.
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

When plugged in, the ZMI APB03 goes into charger mode. I was able to recharge a notebook at 45W (USB-C output) together with a smartphone (USB-A output) at 5W. Note that some larger notebooks will need more than 45W when plugged in and in use, especially when performing intensive tasks. That said, a 45W charger is usually sufficient for most mainstream users.

If you are looking to replace your power adapter and power bank with a single item, the ZMI 50W 6700mAh Power Bank + Charger is a good fit. At S$45, it doesn't cost much more than the two individual items either. Just take note that you will need a UK adapter for use in Singapore. Get it from Shopee.

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Two-in-one charger to reduce your travel load.

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