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ZGN Universal Power Strip T11 review: No more adapters

ZGN Universal Power Strip T11 review: No more adapters

ZGN Universal Power Strip T11

The ZGN Universal Power Strip T11 does away with a big problem I have at home — having adaptors for all my different gadgets. I own a bunch of stuff from the US and China, which uses flat two-pin heads that don't fit into the standard three-pin UK plugs here. The T11 model also comes with three USB ports, making it really easy to charge your devices.

Quick specs

  • Rated power: 3,000W
  • 3 plug ports
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports (5V 3.1A)
  • 450g

The ZGN T11 claims to be RoHS compliant, which is a European standard for hazardous materials in electrical devices. I couldn't find any marking on the power strip, though. There's also no local Safety Mark certification, so it's a product you should use at your own risk. I've not had any issues so far, but I've mostly used it for charging my LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier case via the USB port and powering my US version of the Google Home smart speaker. There's also no sparks when I put in or remove plugs.

ZGN Universal Power Strip T11
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Each port is spaced far enough that I can have three fairly large power adaptors plugged in at the same time. Each power adaptor has its own switch. I've tried various plug designs and they fit in fine. The three USB ports share one switch, and when powered, light up to give a cool looking glow. The USB ports are at 5V 3.1A, but I don't have any device that needs to draw that much power over USB 2.0. A quick check with my power meter showed that it could output 1.5A and above with no issues, so you can use this to charge your phone. Don't expect any fast charging options — the strip doesn't seem to support that.

ZGN Universal Power Strip T11
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The T11 strip is rated for 3,000W and a rated current of 16A. In Singapore, most outlets are rated for 13A. You're unlikely to cross it. But I don't recommend using heavy power-intensive devices on a strip, that's just asking for trouble. You should be fine if you're splitting up low power draw devices. The strip is slightly larger than normal, and takes up a bit more space.

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The China-made ZGN Universal Power Strip T11 is a great buy if you want to power your gadgets from various countries without an adaptor. I'd go one step further and say I would pack this for any future trips. It will save you the need to bring in more adaptors, though you'll need one for the T11's main UK plug. Get this for around S$20 on Shopee.

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Be careful not to overload this with power-hungry devices.

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