Youpin Deerma DEM-DT16C Dehumidifier review: Goodbye mold

Youpin Deerma DEM DT16C Dehumidifier

Our region's humid weather is great for avoiding cracked and dry skin, but we pay for that in mold growth. It's worse if there's continuous rain, as the cool moisture-filled air makes it easy for mold to pop up everywhere. That's why the Youpin Deerma DEM-DT16C Dehumidifier is ideal to keep air dry — especially in the toilet and storeroom, where mold is prone to gather.

Quick specs

  • 328 x 197 x 508mm
  • 10.6kg
  • 1.9M cable length
  • 2L water tank

The Deerma DEM-DT16C is by no means small. It’s about 50cm high and 32.8cm wide. It features a 2L tank that catches all the moisture the dehumidifier sucks out of the air. A screen at the front shows you the temperature and current humidity. A color ring on the display also helps you quickly determine the humidity: Red means above 70%, blue for 50-70%, and purple for less than 50%.

There are a few settings you can use with this Dehumidifier. However, some of them are in mandarin with no direct translations. The main feature is the dehumidifier setting, and you can choose between two fan speeds. You can also set it to dry your clothes, as it expels hot air from the process. There’s also an anion mode to generate negative ions to help clean the air of dust (but I use an air purifier for this). I’ve mostly used the dehumidifier in my toilet and storeroom, and occasionally in my study.

Youpin Deerma DET DT16C Dehumidifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not
Youpin Deerma DET DT16C Dehumidifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not
Youpin Deerma DET DT16C Dehumidifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Because it outputs hot air, I prefer not to be around when it’s doing its thing. But you should use this during a rainy spell when you have to keep the windows closed and have no air circulation. I find that it takes about an hour or two to fill up the tank halfway, and there’s a built-in sensor to turn off the machine if it the tank is full. It also comes with a hose you can attach to let the water drain out. If the tank is too full and you’re worried about spilling, the Deerma Dehumidifier has wheels. You can just wheel it over to the bathroom, remove the tank to pour the water away. It’s also great for moving the DEM-DT16C between locations.

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The Youpin Deerma DEM-DT16C Dehumidifier has been great at keeping mold at bay. In places like a storeroom where there’s low air flow, the dehumidifier makes sense. You don’t have to load the room with Daiso charcoal dehumidifier packs to keep it mold-free. The Deerma’s usual price is S$189, but I’ve seen it go as low as S$159 on e-commmerce platform Shopee. It’s also available on Lazada at around S$155 and Amazon.

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