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Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain review: Adequate drinking

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain review: Adequate drinking

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain is easy to set up and use. My cats seemed not to mind drinking from it either. Its smart functions tell you if there’s enough water inside, and when to change the filter.

Quick specs

  • Requires normal power socket, 1.5m cord
  • 2L capacity
  • 191 × 191 × 177mm

Design-wise, the water dish comes in three parts, with an outer and inner plastic bowls. The outer bowl is where the electronics are, as well as three connecting power pins. The inner bowl is for the water, while the last part is the motor and drinking area with filters. The design supposedly allows you to see the water level, but I found it hard to tell at a glance. Now, it is simple to set up, and you can probably do it without looking at the manual. Note that you have to ensure the pins are aligned properly, and are clear of water before you turn on the power.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

There are two modes to the water dish, a standard mode and a smart mode. The standard mode keeps water flowing all the time, while the smart mode dispenses water in ten-minute intervals. My cats seem to prefer only drinking when the water is flowing, so you’re better off keeping it in standard if they are fussy. Noise-wise, there’s barely a peep, but if your floor isn’t completely level like mine at certain places, you’ll hear a vibrating growl. You can fix this by moving the water dish around till it is level.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Like most Xiaomi home ecosystem products, the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain has built-in smart functions that connect to the Xiaomi Home app. You'll need to make sure your region is set correctly (in my case, Singapore). Otherwise it will not show up inside the app when you are setting up. From there, you can set the modes, and get a reminder of how long your filter has left. Honestly, you probably won’t need the app to use the water dish.

Retailing at S$99 officially, the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain is a decent get for your pets. It usually goes on sale for around half that at S$58.90 on Shopee and Lazada. Personally, I do prefer having metal bowl like the Petkit Eversweet Gen 6, which I feel is a lot better, especially with a wireless motor without any metal contact points. It also costs just a bit more, too.

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Decent water fountain for your cats.

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