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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 review: Good for mopping

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 review: Good for mopping

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 does a good job in cleaning and mopping your home. It handles loose fur and hair easily, and mops and cleans the mop heads by itself. It also uses lasers to navigate, and has been pretty good at avoiding obstacles in my tests.

Quick specs

  • Suction: 5,000Pa, 4 levels
  • Wet mopping with self cleaning
  • 5,200mAh battery
  • LDS Laser Navigation, voice control for Google Assistant and Alexa

Setting up the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 is pretty easy. The docking station is set up ready to go. You just need to fill the clean water tank up, remove the various packing materials and it's good to go. The vacuum uses the Xiaomi Mi Home app to pair, and from there you can map your home and set home rooms and no-go spots.

There are a few cleaning modes to choose from, from standard vacuuming, to vacuuming and mopping, to vacuuming before mopping, to just mopping. I like that you can choose between vacuuming and mopping at the same time, or one after the other. You can also specify the suction speeds. When you set the vacuum to mopping mode, it will clean an area, return, wash the mop heads, before heading out to a new area.

Unlike the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni, which has both self-cleaning mopping and self-emptying capabilities, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 only has self-cleaning mopping. You will still need to empty the vacuum bin yourself after it's done cleaning. The self-cleaning mopping, though, is similar to the Deebot X2 Omni. The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 has two water tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty. When cleaning, the X20 has two modes: Standard and Deep. While the X2 Omni uses hot air to dry the mop heads, the X20 dries by rotating the mop heads on the cleaning tray.

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 runs pretty quiet, and for the first few days I didn't realise that it was in drying mode. It does dry the mop heads pretty well, though it takes time. I didn't notice any smell after two weeks of use from the mops, but it's also recommended to wash the mop heads and the cleaning tray every week.

I am also impressed with the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20's navigational capabilities. It was able to avoid my furniture without getting stuck. It was also able to climb up a height of 2.3cm — my toilet area is slightly lower — with no issues (my current Ecovacs Deebot T9+ would get stuck). In fact, during the two weeks of testing, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 didn't get stuck once. I was always able to come home, see the robot happily docked, and really clean floors due to the vacuum's good suction.

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At S$519, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 is competitively priced for what it offers. If you want automated dust collection, then go for the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+, which offers what the X20 has, as well as dust collection for S$629. It's a pretty good robot vacuum, and gets the job done easily and without fuss. Buy from Shopee or Lazada.

Note: Review unit provided by Xiaomi.

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Excellent cleaning and competitively priced

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