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Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver review: Smooth cut

Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver review: Smooth cut

Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver

Unlike other Xiaomi products that are usually budget friendly, the Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver comes at a premium pricing. At S$150, you could probably pick up a much cheaper shaver from Philips or Braun. But you probably won't be able to find a five-blade shaver at this price. Performance-wise, the Mi 5-Blade definitely delivers, giving you a clean smooth chin, and lasts for weeks without needing a recharge.

Quick specs

  • Charging time of 2 hours
  • Rated power at 10W, 2000mAh battery, USB-C connector
  • Omnidirectional floating shaver heads

Despite being part of Xiaomi's vast product ecosystem, it doesn't have smart features. What it does have is a massive 2,000mAh battery, IPX7 water resistance, and a floating five-blade shaver head. It also needs just two hours for a full charge, and lasts for 90 minutes of continuous use. If you shave for three minutes each day, it will take around about a month before you need to charge the shaver. I've been testing one for the last three weeks and haven't yet needed to recharge it.

Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The motor is rated at 10W, which is twice that of the S$15 Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D Shaver. Performance is constant, the motor doesn't seem to slow down at all. At 235g, the Mi 5-Blade has quite the heft, but gives you a good grip. Unlike the Enchen, which is plasticky to touch, the Mi 5-Blade has a premium feel.

Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver
The blade attachment attaches magnetically.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

One thing that I wish the Xiaomi shaver has though, is a trimmer. It doesn't come with one. This accessory is particularly useful for trimming sideburns, or if you want to grow a beard and keep it neat. Cleaning the Mi 5-Blade is easy, the shaver head is attached with magnets, and can be removed for a rinse. You can also buy replacements for S$29.

The Xiaomi Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver offers a great shave without irritating razor burns. It's a bit expensive, but the five-blade experience is fantastic. It also makes an excellent present for the man in your life. Those looking to save money can consider the budget Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D Shaver instead. Get it from Shopee or Lazada.

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Great shave, but a bit expensive for a Xiaomi product.

Buy from Shopee
Available at Lazada
Buy a replacement blade

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