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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic review: Deep and challenging

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic review: Deep and challenging

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. (Credit: Hooded Horse)
Satisfying when it clicks
Gameplay offers plenty of depth
Sparse tutorial

In Soviet Russia, game play you! Or so the saying goes. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city builder that can feel as inscrutable as an iron curtain. But once you finally get into the meat and potatoes of things, this game is one of the most compelling city builders out there.

Set in a young Soviet nation, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic tasks you with taking a fledgling territory and making it into a Soviet-style economic powerhouse. The in-game tutorial comes with comrades happy to teach you how the motherland works. But you'll soon realise they’re actually throwing you into the deep end. The tutorial is extremely sparse. In easy mode that's not much of a problem, and the game hums along quite quickly with minor hiccups. 

Quick notes

  • City builder based on building a Soviet republic
  • Deep gameplay with intricate simulation of supply-chain management
  • Manage citizens based on their happiness and their loyalty
  • Different difficulty levels from very easy to realistic

But it's when you’re in campaign mode, or anything close to realistic difficulty, where you might need some vodka to keep you going. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the first game I've reviewed in a long time where the developers sent a beginner's guide. Be prepared to consult the wiki or even watch some YouTube videos, just to figure out some mechanics.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. (Credit: Hooded Horse)
Sometimes it feels like things are always on fire. Credit: Hooded Horse

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is an intricate web of managing workers, electricity, water, sewage, transport, and more. Even how you arrange your factories can matter. It sounds like a lot, but when you figure it out, Workers & Resouces: Soviet Republic is amazing,

Workers & Resources: Soviet Union. (Credit: Hooded Horse)
Trade is important! Make sure you get the NATO countries to pay through the nose for your wonderful goods. Credit: Hooded Horse

If you're into city builders, you're probably not looking for a game you can play for 30 minutes a day just to scratch an itch. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is worth it if you’re willing to invest the time to get to know its systems better.

Getting through the early stages of the game to even reach a stable economy will take you a long time. Or even multiple tries! But once things start to connect, once your city starts to hum, that's when the immense satisfaction sets in until you tweak the next new thing or the next crisis unfolds.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Union. (Credit: Can Buy or Not)
Clean water is important. But so are water pumps. Credit: Can Buy or Not

It's a good thing that Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic doesn't have any major issues to turn the difficulty into full frustration. After years of early access development, the game feels largely bug-free. Things might start to get a little laggy when your city has grown to an immense size, but otherwise the game chugs along fine.

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Workers & Resources: Soviet Union. (Credit: Hooded Horse)
Smog? Smog keeps you strong. (Credit: Hooded Horse)

Graphics-wise the game isn't mind blowing, But the joyless brutalist nature of Soviet design lends a wonderful charm to the game. There's quite a bit of variety in the buildings and vehicles to keep things interesting. That said, If you're the type who requires neatly arranged streets where everything falls nicely into blocks, I often found it tricky to get perfect city blocks.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has been a few years in the making. Early access started in 2019, and some gamers have been playing this for a while. But we're finally at version 1.0. Even now, there's still much to be said in terms of how lacking the tutorial is. But with so much depth, you'll just need some patience, and some trial and error to bring the struggle of the masses to glorious fruition. 

Workers & Resources: Soviet Union. (Credit: Hooded Horse)
What's a Soviet-style city builder without trains? (Credit: Hooded Horse)

Set to launch on Jun 20, version 1.0 of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is currently available for pre-order on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. The launch comes with the Biomes DLC, which introduces new types of terrain into the game.

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Can be very challenging, but definitely worth it for fans of city builders

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