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Windkiss Mask Air Fan review: Lacks cooling power

Windkiss Mask Air Fan review: Lacks cooling power

Windkiss Mask Air Fan main image

The Windkiss Mask Air Fan is a lightweight clip-on fan designed to go inside your face mask. It is supposed to aid air circulation in the space between the mask and face, making you more comfortable on hot days. After testing it out during my daily commute, I was left unimpressed.

Quick specs

  • 71.6 x 35 x 19.5mm
  • micro-USB port for charging
  • 20.9g

About 72mm long, 35mm wide, and weighing about 21g, the Windkiss Mask Air Fan is, as advertised, compact and light. The clip sits above the air intake vent, and at the end closest to your nose/mouth, is where you'll find the air output vent. Located at the side is the power button. Flanking it are the power LED and a micro-USB charging port with a rubber cover.

Windkiss Mask Air Fan clipped
It's light enough to go on a surgical mask.
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

You'll be pleased to know that the Windkiss Mask Air Fan is light enough to stay on to my regular surgical mask without causing it to sag down. The white plastic back did press close to my cheek, but you will forget about it after a while. Once in place, press the power button twice through your mask to turn it on.

The first thing you'll notice upon turning it on is the whirring sound. It isn't super loud, but because it's on your face, you can't miss it. Disappointingly, the first thing I noticed was the sound of the fan. The wind generated is very faint, and does not have much of a breeze. While walking, I hardly felt it. Once I stopped, which is usually when most people notice how hot they are, the weakness of the wind becomes apparent. I can feel it, but it doesn't do much to make me more comfortable over my heavier breathing due to the walk. 

Pressing the power button again turns on the second mode. This makes the fan turn on and off intermittently, which I'm guessing, is to simulate a natural breeze. However, I couldn't find any good use for this mode. Pressing the power button one more time then turns turns it off.

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Windkiss Mask Air Fan ports
LED, power button and a covered micro-USB port
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

For the curious folks, I did all my testing in a summer environment above 30 degrees Celsius. That includes walking for 10 minutes as well as a short subway ride. Lastly, battery life is good — a single full charge gives over an hour of use.

The Windkiss Mask Air Fan seems like a good concept — introduce circulation under a face mask. Unfortunately, for me, it fails to provide significant comfort in a tropical climate. You can find this product listed on different shopping sites with generic names like “mask fan”. For the S$22 asking price, I can't recommend it. You will feel more comfortable with a handheld or neck-worn fan, even if they can't reach under your mask. Alternatively, try the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, which comes with built-in fans.

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A neat concept for cooling which doesn't quite deliver

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