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Vivo V30 5G review: Pretty portraits

Vivo V30 5G review: Pretty portraits

Vivo V30

The Vivo V30 5G is a sleek mid-range Android smartphone with an attractive rear design. Consistent with other devices in this series, its camera setup allows you to take selfies and portraits that can be tweaked to your heart's content. In addition, the phone's battery life and performance are quite good for such a slim device.

Quick specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage
  • 6.8-inch OLED display (2,800 x 1,260 pixels, 120Hz)
  • 50MP main, 50MP ultra-wide, and 50MP selfie camera
  • 5,000mAh battery

Like the Vivo V27 we looked at last year, the Vivo V30 5G has an attractive patterned back cover which makes it stand out. The one I've been using has a light blue hue Vivo calls Bloom White, which looks like flower petals, and has a fine frosted finish that feels great. I've been using it without a case as it looks too good to hide. If you do want some protection, a clear flexible case comes in the package. This will let you show off the back, and gives more grip, especially if you fear dropping the phone due to its smooth glass back.

Vivo V30 green
Vivo offers a version with a water ripple pattern as well. Credit: Vivo

A huge section on the back is taken up by the camera system, which comprises of two squares. The upper section of this hump houses the rear cameras, while the lower section is an LED flash system that includes a light ring Vivo calls the Aura Light. Though this hump juts out quite a bit, the layered design and the curved edges make the Vivo V30 5G look slimmer than it really is. Overall, it's an attractive package for those who prefer something that looks less bulky compared to straight-edged, flat-screened phones.

The main camera and the ultra-wide camera on the back of the Vivo V30 5G are both 50MP. The primary camera takes great shots outdoors, with colours that are accurate of the scene (using the natural color setting), and excellent details throughout the shot. Colours remained consistent when switching over to 2X zoom and the 0.6X ultra-wide. However, in both these modes, some details were lost, with images that aren't as sharp as those taken with the main camera. Regardless, the shots are still pretty good, but I suggest sticking with the 1X mode that uses the main camera.

Taking photos of people is a big focus of the Vivo V30 5G, and it shows with the large number of settings and options available. For starters, the Aura Light lets you illuminate a subject's face more evenly in low-light conditions. And depending on your preference, you can capture a portrait without any enhancements, or turn on a ton of settings to really dial up the beautification. The 50MP front camera also automatically uses the screen to light up the subject when taking selfies in low light. I found the quality of selfies (without beautification) to be excellent, to the extent that it might be too detailed for some who prefer to hide some flaws.

Vivo V30
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

The Vivo V30 5G has a really bright 2,800 x 1,260-pixel OLED screen that supports up to a 120Hz refresh rate. Running the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor, the phone handled everything I threw at it, including multiplayer MOBA games at the highest settings. It did heat up during longer gaming session, but it never got to the point of being unbearably warm and uncomfortable. Benchmarks-wise, it achieved 1,137 (single), 3,165 (multi) in Geekbench 6. Battery life was good. I got over a full day of use and it lasted 10hr 28min in the PCMark battery test. The V30 comes with a 80W fast charger so topping up the battery mid-day is a quick affair.

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Funtouch OS 14 on the Vivo V30 5G is functional, and user-friendly enough. One aspect I didn't care for was the pre-installation of many third-party apps I didn't need, so there's an extra step of having to delete bloatware out of the box. Overall, the Vivo V30 provides a good experience for a mid-range phone, and I would recommend it, especially for those who take lots of portraits that need to be touched up for social media. It is available at S$699 from Shopee and Lazada.

Note: Review unit provided by Vivo.

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Slim handset good for shooting portraits

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