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Ugreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh review: Power packed

Ugreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh review: Power packed

UGreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh

The Ugreen 145W Power Bank is probably the biggest one I've used so far. And I'm not talking about the size, which isn't too big, but the capacity. At 25,000mAh, it packs more juice compared with the 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh power banks that I'm used to. The good thing, though, is that it's technically flight legal, but you may have to be ready to explain why.

Quick specs

  • Rated capacity: 90Wh
  • Weight: 513g
  • Dimensions: 164.7 x 85.4 x 30mm

Packing two USB-C ports and one USB-A, this Ugreen power bank can deliver up to 140W of power to one device on the USB-C1 port. The C2 port does 65W single charging, and the USB-A port does 22.5W. If you are charging through the two USB-C ports, then the USB-C1 port does 100W, while the USB-C2 port does 45W. Using C1 and USB-A is 100W and 22.5W, but using C2 and USB-A is only 20W each. Charging all three ports at the same time will limit C1 to 100W, while C2 and USB-A will be 20W each.

UGreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

With a 25,000mAh capacity, you can recharge an iPhone 15 Pro Max from 0-100% at least five times. You can also recharge your MacBook Pro 14 at least one time from 0-100%. In 15 minutes, I was able to charge my MBP 14 from 50% to 73%. The power bank dropped from 92% to 70%. I know this because the Ugreen 145W Power Bank has a LED display to show its battery capacity status so you can gauge how much juice you have left. Just tap the button at the side to display this. You can charge it back up to full in two hours with a 65W PD charger.

UGreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I mentioned earlier on that this power bank can be legally brought on planes as part of your carry-on luggage for international flights. This applies to power banks below 100Wh. The Ugreen 145W Power Bank is rated at 90Wh, and you should have no issues. But be sure to check the airline rules in the country you're taking off from. That's because some airports may have a different rule, such as ones based on capacity.

At S$120, the Ugreen 145W Power Bank 25,000mAh is one you can chuck in your backpack or pouch and never have to worry about needing a charger for the entire day for your devices. Get it from Shopee.

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