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TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair review: Just the basics

TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair review: Just the basics

TTRacing Swift X Pro gaming chair

The TTRacing Swift X Pro gaming chair doesn't have many fancy features like those you see from Secretlab or Razer. However, it has the basics covered if you want the gaming chair aesthetic, and is pretty affordable at S$279.

Quick specs:

  • Supports up to 150kg
  • PU leather for chair / Velour lumbar support pillow
  • Backrest reclines up to 135 degrees
  • Also available in fabric

With a maximum supported weight of 150kg, the Swift X Pro is not a small chair. Including the sides that slope upwards, the seat width is 57.5cm. For reference, I'm about 170cm with a small frame. With the chair set to the lowest height, my feet barely rests flat on the floor. Even though TTRacing's own Lazada store page says this chair is suitable for persons between 155cm and 180cm, I would recommend anyone at the lower end of that range to use a raised footrest.

TTRacing Swift X Pro
Credit: TTRacing

If you've seen the Secretlab Titan Evo, the Swift X Pro will look very familiar. The chair is upholstered with PU leather, and overall, it looks good when placed in a gaming PC setup. If you've never owned a PU leather chair, do note that you will feel warmer in it compared with chairs that use fabric or mesh designs. This is fine if you are typically in an air-conditioned environment. Furthermore, given the heat and humidity of our climate, PU leather flaking after a few years of use can occur, no matter the chair's brand. TTRacing's warranty does not cover this issue. A fabric version of the Swift X Pro is also available at S$299.

TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair fabric
Credit: TTRacing

On its own, the Swift X Pro doesn't come with lumbar support. Instead, you get a lumbar pillow. This pillow is covered in velour, a fabric with a smooth, velvety finish. The removable headrest and armrests also use velour. The armrests can be adjusted for height, but not in any other directions. This is in contrast to other gaming chairs that usually allow forward/back, and angular adjustments. The Swift X Pro's backrest reclines up to 135 degrees. This is slightly less than what we've seen in chairs by Acer, Razer and Secretlab reclining to as much as 165 degrees.

What you get with the TTRacing Swift X Pro is a basic gaming chair. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles found in chairs from brands like Secretlab and Razer, but the Swift X Pro is also less than half the price. If you have only around S$300 to spend, the TTRacing Swift X Pro is available from TTRacing's web store, as well as Lazada, and Shopee.

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