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TP-Link Tapo RV10 Plus review: Cost-effective cleaning

TP-Link Tapo RV10 Plus review: Cost-effective cleaning

TP Link Tapo RV10 Plus

The TP-Link Tapo RV10 Plus offers robot cleaning on a budget. At S$409, you get an auto-empty dock, mopping, and app support. But the low price does mean some compromises, such as lack of mapping, carpet mopping avoidance, and no lidar — that's for the higher-end RV30.

Quick specs

  • 2,000Pa suction power
  • 2,600mAh battery (up to 3 hours)
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Virtual walls via magnetic strips

As mentioned, the RV10 Plus comes with an auto-empty dock. The vacuum will automatically return there and get its dirt sucked out. If you don't need this, you can get the version without the dock. Emptying the bin manually is also pretty easy. You detach it from the mop unit, and the dust storage splits open for you to empty. Speaking of the mop unit, you put water in it, attach the mop cloth, and it's good to go.

TP Link Tapo RV10 Plus
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Performance-wise, the RV10 does a good job even at the quietest settings. It picks up stray hair, dust, and random cat litter. The dock does a good job of sucking out most of the dirt out of the bin, though like most robot vacuums, expect a bit of leftover. You can clean it easily though. The 4L bag will store up to 70 days of dirt before you need to replace it. The RV10 comes with two bags, so it will be months until you need to buy a new one.

TP Link Tapo RV10 Plus
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Since it's a basic model, there's no lidar. That means the robot vacuum bumps into things to detect obstacles. While it does connect to your home Wi-Fi and supports voice commands via Google Assistant, there's no mapping. All you'll get is the path cleaned. The app does let you set schedules and cleaning levels. For mopping, you can also set the water levels. However, while the RV10 can detect the carpets and engage more suction power, it doesn't actually avoid them if you're mopping. If your home has no carpets, that's not an issue. Otherwise, you can use magnetic strips to set up virtual walls to fence off the robot.

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The TP-Link Tapo RV10 Plus is priced at S$409. If you don't need the mop, the RV10 Lite (sans dock) is S$259 and the standard RV10 is S$299. It's an affordable robot vacuum, but there are some limitations in the mop function that hold it back. Get it from Shopee or Courts.

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Affordable robot vacuum, but won't avoid carpets when mopping.

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