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Torras Coolify Cyber review: Improved cooling

Torras Coolify Cyber review: Improved cooling

Torras Coolify Cyber

If last year's Coolify 2S was already pretty good for keeping you cool, then the Torras Coolify Cyber takes the performance even further. While the battery life is shorter than the Coolify 2S, it makes it up with a lot more cooling zones to keep you chill. You can also control the neck air-conditioner with the app, which lets you tweak the fan speeds for the sides or the top separately.

Quick specs

  • 6,000mAh battery
  • One size fits all
  • Has cooling, heating, and three speed fan modes

The humid weather here in Singapore makes the Coolify Cyber an ideal get. The tweaked design features a deeper curve at the back for more fans, and comes with three zones that use a Peltier cooler to instantly chill the skin. It's really quite cold, and in hot weather, instantly cools the area from your neck down. And when you take out the cooler from your neck, you will feel that the skin is ridiculously cool to touch. I did notice that when I started using it, I actually developed a cold rash, similar to the ones I get when visiting countries during winter. Once my skin got used to it though, I had no issues.

Torras Coolify Cyber
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Coolify Cyber sits comfortably around the neck, and is adjustable. It should fit most necks, even fat ones like mine. The fans blow out from the sides and the back. While the side fans only blow upwards, the back fans move air up and down. I'll be honest, the fans, even at maximum power, don't feel that strong when you're outdoors. But it does provide some relief. However, it is quite loud. Overall, the cooling effect is pretty nice to have, especially since the weather has been getting too warm. Like the previous models though, the Coolify Cyber will not cool you below your neck, so you will still be sweaty. But it's better than nothing, I feel.

Torras Coolify Cyber
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Like the Coolify 2S, the Coolify Cyber has a display on both sides, but this time, it's a full-colour display. On the right side, it shows you the amount of power left using a circle diagram. I much prefer the Coolify 2S's version of this, where it just shows you the percentage number. On the left, it shows you the power of the fans and whether it is in cooling or heating mode. If you want to choose different settings for the fans, you have to download and use the Torras app. I briefly tested the heating function, it does a good job of keeping your neck warm, so you probably won't need a scarf.

Battery life is rated at seven hours in the highest wind mode, two hours in the highest cooling mode, and three hours or so for the highest heating mode. My tests for the highest cooling mode showed that the Torras Coolify Cyber comfortably lasted over two hours. Recharging to 80% takes about 82 minutes. If you're willing to fork out S$382 for it, at least you know that you will feel cool from the neck up outdoors. Get from Shopee (where it's at ~S$350), Lazada, or direct from Torras. Note that the the Coolify 3 has similar specs, but uses a different display.

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Keeps your neck and head cool, but pricey

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