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Sunuo T13 Pro Dental Scaler review: Tooth cleaning

Sunuo T13 Pro Dental Scaler review: Tooth cleaning

Sunuo T3 Pro

An ultrasonic dental scaler is probably the endgame of tools you can get to clean your teeth. The Sunuo T13 Pro lets you scrape plaque off your enamel, and you can use the built-in camera to get a close-up of your teeth. It's definitely for those who are really into cleaning their teeth. However, I do think you're probably better off going to a dentist.

Quick specs

  • 10MP camera
  • 40kHz ultrasonic scaler
  • Type-C charging, IPX7 waterproof, 60-day battery life

The T13 Pro comes with three different power modes of increasing intensity. There's also a 10MP camera so you can watch on your phone as the scaler works its magic. It's also smart enough to stop the ultrasonic vibrations when it's not on my teeth. My issue though, it's really difficult to use, since you have to hold up the phone while still trying to wiggle the scaler in your mouth. And if you want to get your front teeth cleaned, you kind of need your other hand to move your lips away. So it is terribly awkward to use.

Sunuo T3 Pro
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The 10MP camera delivers reasonable image quality. It will let you see details on your teeth. The built-in LED lights do a good job of brightening things up. It does take some time to get used to moving the scalar according to the camera, and I still cannot quite get used to it. The LEDs do wash some details out a little, but you can still see stuff such as plaque or coffee stains. The Wi-Fi connection is stable, and I didn't experience any video drops.

Sunuo T3 Pro
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Besides being a scaler, you can use the T13 Pro as an oral irrigator, though I don't recommend doing so. There's not much water pressure, so it doesn't actually blast bits from between your teeth. While it claims to channel the water over the vibrating ultrasonic scaler to “pressurise”, it honestly doesn't work. You're better of getting the Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000 or the Xiaomi Soocas W3 Oral Irrigator.

If you're just using this for scaling, I think it's fine. But again, you may want to actually get an actual dentist to do the work. I'm just not that comfortable scraping my own teeth. Get the S$59 Sunuo T13 Pro Dental Scaler from Lazada.

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Can clean your teeth, but you should really go to a dentist.

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