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Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 review: Smart dispenser

Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 review: Smart dispenser

Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2

There are a lot of water dispensers in the market now, but the Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 stands out with its large LCD display and IoT smarts. Made by Malaysian company Snaptec, and officially distributed by Steriluxe, this machine has everything you need, with filtered cold and hot water, and tracks your water consumption. You can also monitor the latter via an app on your phone, and in the future, get reward points for drinking water.

Quick specs

  • Dimensions: 460mm x 164mm x 485mm
  • Filter lifespan: 3,000L
  • 7-inch display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Minimum water pressure: 0.8 bar

The Aurra Pro 2 isn't a big machine, and will comfortably fit on your kitchen top. One thing I like is that it's clear how much water it will purge. In a week, it will flush about 750ml of water. It will remind you when this happens, and you can't dispense water until you do so. However, you can cancel the purge if you're in a hurry to drink. Getting water is simple, just use the touchscreen to select the temperature, slide to the amount of water and hit dispense. As with other water dispensers, the Aurra Pro 2 has a built-in UV tube to sterilise the water. There's also a LED strip that changes color depending on the chosen temperature.

Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

There are four temperature modes to choose from, cold, room, warm, and hot. You can also set a custom temperature for your water from 45 to 85 degrees Celsius. Cold water is rated at 10 degree Celsius, which is just right for gulping down in our hot humid weather. Water flow is decent, similar to my current water dispenser. There's an alert when it starts dispensing, but there's none when it stops. But it's done when the screen turns off. I suppose they could add an audio cue through an over-the-air update as well as other features, such as a screensaver, which is coming.

Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Other features include a dark mode, as well as an eco-mode that turns off the cold water during set timings. This will help you save on your electricity bills — Steriluxe says it's about S$15 a month to constantly maintain cold water. I like that you can add multiple users to track each individual's usage. The tracking also serves a purpose in the future. Steriluxe plans to add rewards for drinking water you can claim with F&B merchants. The filters last for around 3,000 litres, cost S$240, and are not user-replaceable. You will get an alert from the app and via email, before getting a call from Steriluxe to make an appointment. This also includes a maintenance check.

At S$2,888, the Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 is one of the more expensive models in the market, but it stands out with its smart features. In particular, I like being able to accurately track my daily water consumption. Get it from Steriluxe.

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Pricey but smart.

Buy from Steriluxe

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