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SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse review: No-frills performance

SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse review: No-frills performance

SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse strips away most of the frills to deliver a solid performance at an affordable price point. It may not be the lightest or have wireless capabilities, but you'll get a mouse that glides smoothly and enough programmable buttons to give you an edge.

Quick specs

  • TrueMove Pro sensor
  • Prestige Optical Magnetic Switches
  • 18,000 CPI range
  • 69g

Designed with esports performance in mind, the Prime doesn't blind you with LED bling and glowing logos. The only light you'll find on the mouse is on the scroll wheel, and it's a subtle ring to help you find the Prime in the dark. The Prime is shaped for right-handers, so southpaws may want to give this a pass. The material used offers a cool comfortable grip, and the mice never feels warm or sticky. The USB-cable is also detachable, making it easier to store.

SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

One thing I really liked about the Prime are the optical magnetic switches that give a ridiculously clicky click. It sounds extremely satisfying when you're pressing down on it. I tested it in both claw and grip styles and it works great. Interestingly, I found that you can just as easily press down on the left or right buttons from anywhere. There's no discernable difference whether you're pressing from the top in a claw grip or from the bottom. SteelSeries says it's rated for 100 million clicks — though I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near that in my time spent reviewing it.

SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

While it's not the lightest, there's no doubt the Prime is lightweight at just 69g. This makes it perfect for swiping really quickly in FPS games. The bottom pads also glide smoothly on my mouse pad. The sensor seems accurate — I'm not enough of a pro gamer to tell you just how accurate it is, though. But I had no trouble hitting targets or holding it steady for sniping. The SteelSeries software lets you program your five DPI settings and switch between them. You can switch manually by pressing a button located underneath the mouse. If there's one design flaw, that's probably it. Locating the DPI button at the bottom means no switching on the fly — which could rule this mouse out for some users.

Retailing at S$119, the SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse isn't exactly a budget gaming mice. But it offers great, no-frills performance that should suit gamers looking for a performance edge. Get it from Shopee or Lazada.

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No bling, just performance.

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