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Sony ZV-1M2 review: Vlog worthy

Sony ZV-1M2 review: Vlog worthy

Sony ZV-1M2

If you're a content creator looking for a camera to level up your videos, the Sony ZV-1M2 is really good. It's small, compact, takes really good 4K video, and is easy to use. As a point-and-shoot, it has a wide 18mm to 50mm range, perfect for selfie videos.

Quick specs

  • 105.5 x 60.0 x 46.7mm
  • 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor, 20.1MP (still), 16.8MP (video), F1.8 to F4.0, 18-50mm lens
  • Uses SD memory card or Memory Stick Duo
  • 3-inch TFT display

Compared with the Canon EOS R50 I recently reviewed, the ZV-1M2 feels like a better buy for selfie vlogs. It has a directional microphone, and comes with a furry wind muff. The muff did a great job in blocking out wind noise. However, you may be better off with a dedicated shotgun microphone, or a wireless lapel mic. The R50's kit 18-45mm lens has an angle of view that's closer to 29-72mm because of the 1.6x crop factor of the R50. That's not the case with the ZV-1M2. The 18mm is pretty wide, but when you turn on the electronic stabiliser, you get a tighter 22mm. Still pretty decent, if you ask me.

Sony ZV-1M2
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

To be clear, the camera already uses digital stabilisation, but you can turn on more digital stabilisation using the active SteadyShot mode. This mode does a good job of keeping your video steady, especially if you're filming and walking. The difference is quite obvious when it's turned on. You can shoot up to 4K at 24fps, or up to 120fps at full-HD. It also has a ND filter you can turn on and off, which is great if you're shooting outdoors, and don't want to overexpose your subject. I also like the 180-degree flip-out screen, which makes it easy for you to check your shots while shooting your selfie vlogs.

Sony ZV-1M2
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The compact size of the ZV-1M2 does mean a few compromises, the most noticeable one is that the tripod mount is located at the left edge. It does mean that you can swap out the battery without having to unscrew it from your tripod. You also don't get the knobs and dials for easier controls, and you have to toggle between still, video, and S&Q mode. S&Q is slow and quick, where you can toggle between slow motion or timelapse shots. Still images look great, which means you can definitely use this as a travel camera if you don't want to lug a DSLR around. Battery life is good enough for up to 45 minutes of recording.

At S$1,199, the Sony ZV-1M2 is a great point-and-shoot for vlogging. I like the small size and portability, as well as the video and image quality. Honestly, if I'm shooting a travel log on a trip, this would be my go-to, which would also let me use my iPhone as a backup. I'd still use my DSLR for other still shots, or if I want video with a lot more bokeh. Get this from Sony, Shopee, Amazon SG, or Lazada.

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