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Create fun custom stickers in WhatsApp (iOS / Android)

Create fun custom stickers in WhatsApp (iOS / Android)

WhatsApp sticker creation

It's always fun to receive and send stickers on WhatsApp, doubly so if they are custom made for the recipient. The good news is that it's now super easy to crop out a subject from a photo. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a WhatsApp sticker starting with just a drag-and-drop action on your iPhone. Alternatively, we'll show you how to achieve the same result directly from WhatsApp's sticker creation feature, which works on both iOS and Android phones. 

Extract subject from a photo using iOS gallery

Since iOS 16, you can lift a subject out of a photo to be used in other apps or documents. To do so, press and hold on the object in the photo, and it will automatically be lifted out while your finger is still on the screen. This works for many items including human subjects, pets, food, among others. 

From there, release your finger. A sparkly outline will remain on the photo subject, and a context menu will appear. Tap on Copy. Go to WhatsApp, choose the conversation you want to create the sticker for, and paste the image.

WhatsApp will detect that you want to make a custom sticker, and give you an option to “Edit sticker”. Tap on that, add emoji, speech bubbles, and text to your heart's content, before sending it off.

Credit: Screenshot by John Chan/Can Buy or Not

Create within WhatsApp (Android/iOS)

If your phone doesn't support lifting a subject out from an image, WhatsApp has you covered. The sticker creation feature can be found by tapping the Smiley (Android) or Sticker (iOS) icon in your text input field. A button labeled “Create” will appear, through which you can choose a photo from your gallery. This feature will automatically choose the subject to cut out, and does a good job of it, when I tested it out on an Android smartphone.

Credit: Screenshot by John Chan/Can Buy or Not

You are immediately brought to the editing page once the subject has been isolated. And as with the previous example, all that's left to do is to add decorations to create your custom sticker.

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Bonus: creating stickers using AI

If you don't have a photo that appropriately represents your feelings, you can try using WhatsApp's AI sticker creation feature. This will allow you to type in a prompt, after which four images will be generated.

Credit: Screenshot by John Chan/Can Buy or Not

These stickers will feel more cartoon-like compared to making your own using real images, but are still pretty fun since you can enter any prompt you like. For example, you could type in “a cockroach using a video game controller” — a image you probably don't have in your gallery.

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