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Sensibo Air Pro review: Upgraded smarts

Sensibo Air Pro review: Upgraded smarts

Sensibo Air Pro

The Sensibo Air Pro is a pretty great upgrade for your dumb aircon. It lets you remotely control your aircon with your voice or phone, and gives you updated information about your room's air quality. And if you're willing to pay a monthly subscription, you get even more features to enhance your aircon.

Quick specs

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 65mm x 17mm, comes with wall mounting tape
  • Supports Apple HomeKit, Google Home, SmartThings, IFTTT
  • Supports any aircon with remote control

To be clear, you don't actually need to get the subscription. The Sensibo Air Pro works perfectly fine without. But if you do fork out S$7.50 a month (or S$3.70 a month if you pay yearly), then you can do quite a bit more with Sensibo Plus. For example, you can now check if a window is open, set the aircon to dry your fans to prevent mold growth, or check the health of your aircon.

Sensibo Air Pro
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Otherwise, you'll have to live with the base features, which work great. The Air Pro can monitor your room's air quality, similar to the Sensibo Elements (but not as detailed). You can turn on the Climate React mode to adjust the aircon's settings when the temperature hits a threshold. You can also configure Climate React to react to the room's humidity as well. Unfortunately, scheduling when it works is a paid feature. Leaving Climate React on means it turns on your aircon once the threshold is hit — even when you don't want it to. However, this feature is good for turning the aircon down when it's too cold at night and up again.

Sensibo Air Pro
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I do want to point out that the Ambi Climate 2 does this automatically, though. It adjusts the room temperature after learning your preferences. I was honestly not used to waking up with a cold room even with Climate React on with the Air Pro. It doesn't quite adjust to your comfort. Other free features include a timer, the ability to schedule when the aircon turns off, as well as logs. If you buy the Sensibo Room Sensor, you can also use it to detect whether you're in the room to automatically turn on and off the aircon. You can use geofencing to disable Climate React when you're not at home. Alternatively, you can set it to turn on just before you get home.

If you're still on the fence for the Sensibo Air Pro, well, it is one of the few Apple Homekit-compatible controllers. This means you can easily tell Siri through your HomePod to “turn on the AC”. The Air Pro also works with Google Home. I do think it is a very good upgrade for your smart home, even if you don't subscribe to Sensibo Plus for the extra features. Get it from Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, or Sensibo directly for around S$200. There's a sale (up to 50% off) happening during Prime Day, so be sure to check out the Sensibo store.

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