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Samsung Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum review: No hands needed

Samsung Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum review: No hands needed

Samsung Jet Bot+

I'm a big fan of robot vacuums, but forgetting to empty the bin is usually something I do. Thankfully, the Samsung Jet Bot+, with its automated Clean Station, does this for you. Once your robot is done cleaning, the Clean Station immediately sucks up the dirt from the vacuum into a bag. That's pretty darn cool and makes your cleaning up almost effortless.

Quick specs

  • Bin size at 0.3l and 2.5l (Clean Station)
  • SmartThings app
  • Max run time of 90 minutes
  • Max noise at 76 dBA

Setting up the Jet Bot+ is pretty easy to do. The vacuum comes all ready — you just need to unwrap the covering. So too is the Clean Station, which you simply find a place to put it. The dust bag is also already inside, and you get a spare right out of the box. Once you dock the Jet Bot+, it starts charging and you can then pair it with the Samsung SmartThings app. After pairing, you can send the robot to do an exploratory mission, where it scans the house using its built-in LIDAR without doing any vacuuming. You get a nice map of the house when it is complete. On the map, you can also set no-go lines for the vacuum to avoid.

Samsung Jet Bot+
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

While vacuuming the place, the Jet Bot+ took longer than my Neato D6. That was due to its default Repeat mode which lasted 1 hour 43 minutes — it would go over the same spots a few times. You can turn this off for a standard cleaning session. I did find its normal suction power a tad weaker than my D6, but you can turn it on to Max, or use the Smart mode to let the robot decide. Even at Max, the Jet Bot+ is much quieter and less of a disturbance, to the point where my cats were quite comfortable sitting near it as the Jet Bot+ did its thing.

Samsung Jet Bot+
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Jet Bot+ seems capable enough to not get stuck in between chair legs. Its round design also helps it escape without being trapped. The front brush appears to do a good job of picking up dirt, and you also get a replacement in the box. The one thing that did bug me though, is that the dirt sucked up sits in the Clean Station for three to four months until it fills up. You can't empty the bag, but I suppose you can stick a Dyson inside and suck up all the dirt. Which defeats the purpose of the bag. The dust bag is not reusable. Once it's full, you'll need to swap a new bag. Samsung sells extra replacement dust bags, so think of this as a subscription plan of sorts.

Retailing at S$1,099 with the Clean Station, and S$749 without, the Samsung Jet Bot+ makes a good case for itself. I've been testing it for the last two weeks and was pretty happy with how much loose cat fur and dust it picked up. You can get it from Lazada or Shopee.

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