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Samsung Bespoke Jet review: Beautiful suction

Samsung Bespoke Jet review: Beautiful suction

Samsung Bespoke Jet

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is a clear example that vacuum cleaners don't have to only look functional, they can look good, too. Clad in black and white, the Jet won't look out of place at home, thanks to the shimmery white of the all-in-one Clean Station. Suction-wise, we're looking at 210W of suction. The vacuum also comes a multitude of brush heads, as well as an optional mop head.

Quick specs

  • Swappable battery (but it only comes with one)
  • Clean Station has 2L bag
  • 210W suction power
  • Accessories: Pet Tool, Extension Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, Flexible Tool, Accessory Cradle

The Jet vacuum is pretty standard as far as handheld vacuum cleaners go. You get a cyclone style suction, and a 500ml bin to store your collected dirt. The Jet isn't very heavy, and you can wield it one-handed. The telescopic pipe adds reach, and can be adjusted to three different lengths. So whether you're short or tall, it doesn't feel uncomfortable. The display located at the top tells you how much battery life you have left, or what speed it is running at.

Samsung Bespoke Jet
There's plenty of accessories you can use with the Jet.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Battery life is decent, but not fantastic. At medium, the Jet lasted around 30 mins with the crevice tool. At full power, called Jet mode, it lasts just three minutes or so. If you're just using it at the lowest speed, you'll get around an hour of use. Compared with the Dyson V12, where medium will give you around 40 mins, the Jet feels a tad short. However, I can't tell you exactly if it's because of the difference in vacuum power. Samsung uses watts in its specs, while Dyson uses air watts. It's not apples to apples, per se. The Roidmi X300 has a 207W suction power, but battery life is up to 90 mins. That's also because it has a bigger battery and is much heavier overall.

Samsung Bespoke Jet
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

With the Clean Station, it's easy to keep the Jet always charged. Docking it will charge the battery. It's also easy to empty the Jet's bin. Just dock to the Clean Station and hit the Start button. There are a lot of brush tools that come with the Jet, including a mop. They work well, but there are no lights or lasers to help illuminate dirt. The Spray Spinning Sweeper mop lets you spray water to help wet the floor. The spinning motion of the brushes will pull the vacuum to the side, so you will need to exert some force to keep it in place.

At S$1,299, the Samsung Bespoke Jet isn't cheap. But the price is comparable to similar Dyson or LG vacuums. It's a pretty decent vacuum, and being able to empty your bin automatically is great. You also never have to worry about charging it with the Clean Station. Get it from Lazada or Shopee.

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A decent vacuum with an auto-empty bin.

Buy from Shopee
Get it from Lazada

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