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Rootique Duo hands-on: Hair friendly

Rootique Duo hands-on: Hair friendly

Rootique Duo

I'm honestly not one who cares about my receding hairline, but the Rootique Duo, a hair-loss treatment device, has left me intrigued. It works by delivering mist sprays of whatever liquid you put in to your scalp, and is designed to work best with minoxidil. That's because it will deliver an exact 1ml dosage, and is really easy to apply, too.

Quick specs

  • Takes less than 15s to use
  • Mist particle size: 0.005mm
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Up to 25 minutes of use (600mAh battery)

I've been testing this for a week, and I'm actually quite impressed. You fill up the Rootique Duo's reservoir with up to seven days of liquid. To apply, simply press the button to turn it on, then press and hold to dispense. You put it on your head, then press and hold the button while sliding the Rootique Duo over the areas you want hair to grow again. Besides minoxidil, you can also use stuff like hair tonic. You will have to select the Daily Care mode by double-pressing the button. Note that I did not test this with hair tonic, but with just water.

Rootique Duo
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Now, I don't have much hair on the top, so it's pretty easy to slide through. I love the feeling as the Rootique Duo also massages your scalp with about 65kpa of pressure. It features a red light to encourage hair follicle growth, too. I've also tested sliding through the thicker side hairs — the Rootique Duo's design allows it to slide through with ease. If you have thicker, more luscious hair, the Rootique Duo also comes with a different parting head for that. It takes about five to six passes on your head before it beeps, and stops dispensing. It takes less than 15s to do so, too.

Rootique Duo
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Duo has a battery life rating of 14 days, and I've kept dispensing the mist to see if I could drain it. Even after what I think was about 14 days worth of dispensing, the Rootique Duo still had power. It should last up to 25 minutes of dispensing, which will take a while to get through if it takes around 10 seconds to dispense 1ml of liquid. I've also tried manually applying minoxidil to see if it is easier, but the Rootique Duo has it beat. It's really so much easier to use. Most importantly, it's a lot less messier, and I don't have to wash my hands afterwards either.

At prices starting from US$89 (around S$119) on Indiegogo, the Rootique Duo will retail for US$149 officially. If you're worried about your hairline, and want to do something about it, check this out. Get it from Indiegogo.

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Note: Prototype unit provided by Rootique for testing.

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