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Razer Kiyo X review: Affordable webcam

Razer Kiyo X review: Affordable webcam

Razer Kiyo X

If you want to look good for meetings, a dedicated webcam is usually required. The Razer Kiyo X offers an easily mountable solution, with good-looking optics, and a wide 82-degree angle to capture everything you need. All for just S$119.

Quick specs

  • Video resolution at 1080p/30fps, 720p/60fps, 480p/30fps, 360p/30fps
  • 2.1MP sensor
  • 120g

Like many other webcams, the Kiyo X is plug and play. It's a lot larger than say, the Poly Studio P5 Webcam. The size gives it some heft, which helps with stability. The Kiyo's mount comes with a foldable mount that works on monitors, laptops. You can also stick it on top of a tripod. There's no physical shutter, but there's a LED light that turns on when it's recording. So make sure to unplug the camera when not in use if you're afraid of being remotely recorded.

Razer Kiyo X
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Unlike the Kiyo, which has a built-in ring light, the Kiyo X doesn't come with one. You can, however, use Razer's software based virtual light. What it does is use your screen as a ring light. It does block off some parts of your display and also doesn't quite add that much light. There's a slight difference, however, when it's on. You can also change the color of the virtual light. I still think it's probably a better idea to get a proper ring light. The Kiyo X's 2.1MP sensor's image quality is decent, but it won't be as good as say, a DSLR paired with a capture card like the Genki ShadowCast.

Razer Kiyo X
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Other than the virtual light, there's also a bunch of things you can tweak with Razer's software. You can adjust the color balance, tweak the exposure, or use preset modes to suit your taste. The Kiyo X comes with auto-focus, which works well. It can film you in two main modes, either full-HD in 30fps, or 60fps with a lower 720p resolution. You can also go lower, if you want. In 60fps, there's somewhat less motion blurring, but if you don't move much during your web calls, you won't notice the difference in frame rates.

The Razer Kiyo offers decent webcam performance without any frills. It comes with some decent software features to help shape image quality. Grab it from the Razer online store, Shopee, or Lazada.

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Affordable, no frills webcam.

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