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Razer Barracuda X review: Lightweight comfort

Razer Barracuda X review: Lightweight comfort

Razer Barracuda X

The Razer Barracuda X puts comfort over bling. It's somewhat different from the gaming accessory maker's usual LED-loaded offerings. Designed to be light, these headphones sports fabric earcups that you can wear for hours without feeling tired. The sound is pretty good, too. You can use it with the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android smartphone, and your PC.

Quick specs

  • USB-C wireless dongle or wired 3.5mm connection
  • 250g
  • Discord-certified microphone

As mentioned, the over-ear Barracuda X isn't quite as flashy as most Razer products. There are no LED-lit logos — you can't even tell if it's a Razer product at a glance. The company's trademark three-snake logo is inscribed into the side of the headphones, but it can only be seen in the right light. I actually like this understated look over Razer's usual, shockingly bright LEDs. Located on the left earcup are the volume control dial, power button, microphone mute button, microphone port, and a 3.5mm jack for analog connections.

Razer Barracuda X
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Sound-wise, the Barracuda's 40mm drivers do a good job of keeping everything clear and crisp. The mids and highs are clear, but the bass can be a bit too strong. This is still fine for music — it's not that overpowering — just a little strong. For games, bullet sounds and explosions can be a tad too loud and overwhelming. This could be useful for first- or third-person shooters, but I found myself having to turn the volume down during gameplay, and then increasing it during cutscenes. Still it's a pretty good sound, though I prefer the Creative SXFI Air Gamer's bigger sound stage and balance.

Razer Barracuda X
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

If there's one thing that the Barracuda X stands out, it's the weight. It is incredibly light at just 250g. I've worn it for long hours and barely felt any fatigue. The battery life is quite good, too. I've yet to drain the battery after a week of playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I've also tried it out on the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch using the provided USB-C dongle. You'll need to use the included USB-C to USB-A cable for the Switch. Depending on your laptop, you may also want to use a hub, as the Razer dongle is wide enough it blocks other close ports, such as the ones on say, a MacBook. The microphone also delivers a very clear sound to the people I spoke to in Zoom meetings.

At S$155, the Razer Barracuda X is a worthy buy. I really liked how comfortable it was, and the sound is tuned to enhance your gaming experience, especially in shooters. If you're planning to use it for meetings, its clear microphone also gives it the edge over the competition. Get it from the official Razer online store.

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Very comfortable for long periods of use.

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