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Prism+ Arc Stealth Pro review: Stable arms

Prism+ Arc Stealth Pro review: Stable arms

Having used a pair of Prism+ Arc Opus Dual for a while now, I was keen to try out the Prism+ Arc Stealth Pro. The difference between these two monitor arms are obvious. The Arc Stealth Pro has a pole, which you attach an arm to — up to three. Additionally, the height is adjustable, making it easier to plan your layout.

Quick specs

  • Height up to 620mm
  • Length up to 514mm
  • 0 to 8kg weight support

The Arc Stealth Pro comes with a standard C-clamp for the edge of a table, which also fits a grommet hole. There's also a grommet clamp which requires you to drill a small hole through your table for mounting. Unlike the Opus Dual, the Stealth Pro fits quite comfortably in my normal-sized grommet hole. There wasn't a need to squeeze to get it in.

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Assembling the monitor arms onto the Arc Stealth Pro is pretty simple. Everything clicks right into place, and the arms also have hidden cable routing compartments. Once you install the VESA mount onto your monitor, you'll need to lock it into place. I found this a bit tricky to do since the mount uses a metal clip unlike the Opus Dual, which you slide in and twist to lock. Once in, it's pretty stable and secure. However, the mount tends to be a bit too sensitive, and a simple touch will rotate the display. You can adjust the tension, but that's more to hold the monitor in place.

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

One thing I like about the Stealth Pro is that the arms are flat. You can actually mount a microphone clamp on it securely. The pole design also means you can add other compatible accessories. Note that Prism+ only sells a laptop holder that mounts to a VESA mount. But as long as the accessory can fit onto the pole's 35mm diameter, you should be good to mount it.

The Prism+ Arc Stealth Pro retails at S$119 for the single-arm version and S$69 for additional arms. If you want the best possible configuration for your monitor space, this is probably it. If you are less fussy about your set up, the Prism+ Arc Opus Dual will be a better choice. Get it directly from Prism+.

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Height adjustable and support for three arms, too.

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