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Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM review: Game & Massage

Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM review: Game & Massage

Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM

Feeling sore and stiff after pulling an all-nighter gaming session? Then the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM — hailed as the world's first gaming massage chair — may just be the chair for you. Also known as the uThrone, this collaboration between Acer and Osim, this chair comes with massage rollers to ease the tension from your back and shoulders. And to lull you to sleep (or provide a surround audio experience when watching a movie), there are embedded Bluetooth speakers on both sides of the headrest.

Quick specs

  • Recommended user height: 160 – 185cm; max load: 110kg
  • Up to 145-degree recline
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • 1-year base warranty, extendable to 2 years for additional S$399.20

The uThrone has a bucket seat design typical of gaming chairs. It can recline up to 145 degrees, which is sufficiently horizontal for a nap. But the backrest is hollow to allow the massage rollers to move up and down to knead and tap your back and shoulders. With the included lumbar cushion and headrest, the chair is comfortable, though I would not fancy using it without them. Of course, you'll also need to plug the chair into a nearby power outlet to enjoy a massage. But note that the charger has a fairly short (around 1.8m) cable.

Slide back the top of the right armrest to access the massage controls (but no volume controls for the Bluetooth speakers). There are three presets that target different areas of the back and shoulder. Manual controls are available, but you cannot adjust the intensity of the massage. I found the strength of the rolling and tapping function to be a tad too strong. Others with more flesh on their backs found the intensity just right, though a user felt that other Osim chairs offered a stronger massage.

Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM
Credit: Osim
Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not
Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not
Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM
Embedded Bluetooth speakers at both sides of the headrest. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

The chair is wide enough for me to sit cross-legged, but those with a heftier frame may want to test it at an Osim outlet. The chair's PVC leatherette also was not overly warm after several hours of usage, but the weather has been cooler than usual recently. Given our humid climate, it is probably a matter of time before the PVC starts to peel or flake. Osim, though, says that the leatherette has been tested for quality and durability by Boken, a Japanese testing organisation.

For those who are concerned about the chair's durability, especially given its internal moving parts, Osim offers an extended two-year warranty (around S$400) on top of its S$899 price tag. Compared to other gaming chairs from the likes of Secretlab, the uThrone — available on Lazada and Shopee — is definitely more expensive. But there isn't anything like the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM in the market that can banish your aches.

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Note: Review unit provided by Osim.

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Banish your aches with this unique gaming chair.

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