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Poco F6 Pro review: Value flagship

Poco F6 Pro review: Value flagship

Poco F6 Pro

The Poco F6 Pro, like last year's iteration (Poco F5 Pro), sticks to the same formula to deliver flagship performance at a lower price point. This entails using last year's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship processor and a more basic camera system compared with “true” flagships. The result is a smartphone that offers great value, something Xiaomi has regularly achieved with the Poco brand.

Quick specs

  • 6.67-inch AMOLED (3,200 x 1,440 pixels, up to 120Hz)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with 1GB RAM, 1TB storage
  • 5,000mAh battery, 120W charging
  • Cameras: 50MP, 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro, 16MP front

When it comes to build quality and materials, the Poco F6 Pro nails the flagship look. The metal and glass used make it look and feel like a premium device. The glass back is especially striking, sporting a marble-like motif with a pattern that shifts with the light. The camera hump is a huge rectangle that takes up the entire top quarter of the back, with four circles for the lenses and flash. 

Poco F6 Pro in white
The Poco F6 Pro is also available in white. Credit: Poco

The front features a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with a punch-hole design for the selfie camera. Out of the box, it has a screen protector installed. I didn't like the plasticky feel of this overlay, and using the touchscreen after removing it felt much better. The 3,200 x 1,440-pixel display gets really bright, and supports up to 120Hz refresh rate. It's as good as any screen you'll find on a flagship smartphone, and I had no complaints whatsoever when playing games, viewing videos or just reading text. One annoying thing about the screen is that the “always-on display” turns off after sitting in the dark for a period of time, which betrays its purpose of being always on.

Like almost all flagship smartphones these days, the only port is a USB-C for charging and data transfer. But it does come with an IR blaster, which is a rarity nowadays, so you can use it as a remote control for your home appliances. There's no headphone jack or support for memory expansion, but the Poco F6 Pro is available in 16GB RAM + 1TB ROM (like our review unit) for those who need a lot of storage.

The Poco F6 Pro's 50MP main camera is good, and will give you excellent images in both well-lit and low-light conditions. This applies to general shots as well as portraits. Do note that once you use any level of zoom beyond 2X, there is noticeable loss of detail, even in good lighting conditions. The ultra-wide camera gets the job done, producing decent landscape shots. But as far as possible, my recommendation is to use the main camera for photos.

Poco F6 Pro with 120W charger
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

Performance-wise, the Poco F6 Pro has lots of power to spare. It may not have the latest Qualcomm chip, but last year's flagship processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is no slouch. It scored 1,423 (single) and 4,836 (multi) in Geekbench 6. I couldn't run 3DMark as the phone blocks the app from making network connections. This appears to be something across Xiaomi smartphones, according to 3DMark's FAQ. While most people won't be affected by this, it's a bad look for any company to take away a user's choice to use an app. We have asked Xiaomi about this issue, and will update the review when they respond.

Battery life was good, lasting a full day of use with juice to spare. It scored 7h 58min in the PCMark battery test. Xiaomi included a 120W charger with the Poco F6 Pro. This is great for quick top-ups — for example, I was able get it from 18% to 73% in just 17 minutes. The Poco F6 Pro doesn't support wireless charging, which was somewhat surprising since its predecessor, the F5 Pro had it.

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With the Poco F6 Pro, Xiaomi succeeds in giving users a flagship experience at a lower price. Sure, there are some compromises, but at well below S$1,000, these concessions are more than reasonable. The Poco F6 Pro is available now at S$629 (12GB+256GB), S$679 (12GB+512GB), and S$799 (16GB+1TB). It can be found on Shopee and Lazada.

Note: Review unit provided by Xiaomi.

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Great looking and performing value flagship

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