Oatsbasf Laptop Stand review: Invisible stand

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand

I've been looking for a stand I can use to prop up my Apple MacBook Pro (2021) and it seems the Oatsbasf Laptop Stand is it. It attaches to my notebook and comes with two angles for your best viewing angle.

Quick specs

  • Aluminium material
  • 216 x 26mm
  • 15 or 25 degrees tilt angle

Unlike the Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser which is a foldable device you can carry around, this laptop stand attaches to your laptop via 3M stickers. This means a slight bump at the bottom of the laptop. And also, unlike the Riser version, it doesn't go as high for better ergonomics.

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

There are really only two folding options for this tiny laptop stand. Just hook your fingers and swing out the two wings to raise your laptop by about 25 degrees. If you fold the wings in, a smaller stand remains behind. This smaller stand raises the laptop by 15 degrees. I found the lower stand better for typing, but the 25-degree angle allows for better viewing angles when I dock the MacBook Pro to two monitors. The rubber tips at the bottom of the stands also help.

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

If you're getting this, go for the metal version. The build is sturdy and feels like it's worth the extra cost. While I haven't tested the plastic version, my gut feel is that while it's probably good, it probably won't be as sturdy. But if you feel like saving a few bucks, go ahead and try.

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Retailing at around S$12, the Oatsbasf Laptop Stand is perfect if you're often moving around and want to get working quickly. Otherwise, you may want to get the more expensive riser version for a more permanent setup (though it's still portable). Get it from Shopee or Lazada.

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Making it easy to prop up your laptop.

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