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Lenovo Legion M200 RGB review: Budget gaming

Lenovo Legion M200 RGB review: Budget gaming

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Gaming gear doesn't have to be all expensive. Case in point: the Lenovo Legion M200 RGB. It's cheap at less than S$40, has four DPI settings, and features RGB bling. However, it is very basic, so don't expect fancy macro programming or software to customize the mouse.

Quick specs

  • 1.8m Wired USB
  • 150g
  • Optical sensor with 2,400 DPI (default)

The M200 RGB 200 comes with five buttons, your usual left and right as well as a back and forward button located on the left side. While the mouse features an ambidextrous design, the forward and back buttons aren't usable if you're using it with your left hand. The DPI button is located below the the scroll wheel and lets you switch between four different DPI settings.

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

It cycles between 1,000, 1,300, 1,600, and 2,400 DPI. A very tiny light at the tip of the scroll wheel will blink between one and four times. It's quite hard to actually see it though. But the DPI range is small enough you can easily guess which one it is by moving the pointer. Sadly, there's no option to customise the DPI. My usual DPI settings are in between the default ones, so it takes a while to get used to. Tracking is generally fine, and I couldn't feel any lag when I did a mouse accuracy test. Buttons are also clicky and nice.

One thing to take note of is the weight and heft of the mouse. It's pretty chonky at 150g. If you trying to swipe fast in FPS games, your arm may feel tired after a while. The RGB lighting alternates between seven different colours but can't be set or turned off. That's a shame really because it can get annoying. I've also used the mouse in both claw and grip modes to test, and claw feels the most comfortable with this mouse.

The Lenovo Legion M200 RGB retails at S$40 on the official Shopee store, but I've seen it much lower on Lenovo's own online store. You can also get it much cheaper as an import model for just S$15 (you'll have to search for it). It's a great beginner mouse but limited to just that. It's also available on Lazada.

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A functional budget gaming mouse, but limited for power users.

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