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OSIM uThrone V review: Minor transformation

OSIM uThrone V review: Minor transformation

OSIM uThrone V

If the idea of having a gaming massage chair sounds intriguing, then read on to find out about the OSIM uThrone V. After all, it's still the only gaming chair with built-in massage rollers to loosen your muscles after a long gaming session. The latest iteration offers a similar massaging experience as the original model, but now comes with Transformer-themed designs. My review set, for example, is in a Bumblebee yellow and black. There's also an Optimus Prime version.

Quick specs

  • Adjustable height (up to 9.5cm) and four-directional armrests
  • Up to 145-degree recline
  • Six cable clips to manage power cable
  • 1-year base warranty

The uThrone V is very similar to its predecessor. It's your typical bucket seat design with a recline of up to 145 degrees. The backrest is hollow to accommodate the massage rollers, and is hence not the most comfortable. You will almost certainly need to use the included lumbar cushion. The uThrone also cannot stray too far from an electrical outlet if you're using its massage function. But if my memory serves me right, the included power cable (over 2m) is longer than one found with the previous version.

OSIM uThrone V
You can sort of make out the massage rollers that protrude out from the chair's hollow back. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

OSIM has changed the location of the massage controls. It's now at the right side of the chair, and not hidden under the right arm rest. The buttons are now touch-sensitive, and easier to press. The functions, though, are similar to the previous model. There's a 15-min auto feature with three preset programs (Energize, Neck & Shoulders, and Lumbar). You can also adjust the width of the massage rollers, and the position of the shoulders. The latter is especially crucial because it lets you adjust the rollers to your height. However, like the previous model, you cannot change the massage intensity. I tend not to lean fully into the lumbar massage because it feels a touch too strong. Your experience will vary, depending on how fleshy your back is. I do like how it kneads my shoulders, though.

OSIM uThrone V
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Unlike the previous model, the embedded Bluetooth speakers at the sides of the headrest are gone. While I liked that feature, I can understand why they have been removed. Gamers probably prefer to use their own headsets over these built-in speakers, which don't offer the best audio quality. But there are some minor additions. For instance, the arm rests are now, like the latest gaming chairs, 4D types that can better adapt to your preferences. There's also a hook at the left side to hang a pair of headphones. More importantly, the chair still has cable management clips under the seat to tame the unruly power cable.

Overall, the new OSIM uThrone V is a more refined take on a gaming massage chair. Gone are the superfluous Bluetooth speakers. Instead, you'll get more adjustable arm rests, and a side hook for your gaming headphones. More importantly, OSIM's massage function continues to help the uThrone V stand out from the competition. However, you'll have to pay a fair bit more than the average gaming chair. The Transformer-themed uThrone V is priced at S$899 (including assembly), and is available on Shopee and Lazada. It's $50 less if you go for the plain black version. You can try it out at an OSIM store, too.

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Minor refinements to OSIM's gaming massage chair.

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