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Oppo Find N3 review: Top-notch hardware

Oppo Find N3 review: Top-notch hardware

Oppo Find N3

The Oppo Find N3 boasts impressive hardware for a foldable smartphone. Its gapless hinge, dual screens, and triple rear cameras are arguably the best you'll currently find in these devices. I didn't quite take to the new multi-tasking feature introduced in the Find N3. But at least Oppo seems to be trying out new ideas. I would definitely consider it a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, I feel there's more to come from these foldable phones, especially for the software. It might be worth waiting a couple more iterations to see what smartphone makers will do next.

Quick specs

  • 7.8-inch internal screen (LTPO AMOLED, 2,440 x 2,268 pixels) and 6.3-inch external screen (LTPO AMOLED, 2,484 x 1,116 pixels)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage
  • 48MP main camera, 48MP ultra-wide camera and 64MP telephoto camera
  • 4,800mAh battery (with 67W fast charging)

Oppo did a great job with the Find N3's hardware. It's lighter, and slimmer than the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The hinge isn't as stiff, and is easier to unfold the phone to reveal a larger (compared with its predecessor) 7.8-inch main display. This screen gets very bright — 1,400 nits in high brightness mode — but what I really like is the matte anti-glare finish that's pretty effective at muting reflections. The crease is practically invisible, and you can barely feel it. Meanwhile, the outside 6.3-inch display feels like a standard candy bar smartphone. It's not too narrow, unlike the Z Fold 5. Typing on the Oppo also feels great, thanks to its excellent haptics. But despite being IPX4 splash resistant, the Find N3 still can't match the Samsung foldables' IPX8 water resistance. There's no wireless charging, which I didn't mind, but it's a premium feature offered by its competitors.

Oppo Find N3
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

The Find N3's triple rear cameras are the best you'll find in a foldable phone this year. Oppo upgraded the telephoto to a 64MP shooter with 3x optical zoom. The main camera uses a new Sony sensor with a stacked pixel architecture that captures more light for better picture quality and wider dynamic range. And there's the Hasselblad tuning to ensure photos turn out great. It's certainly my experience, with detailed and realistic-looking photos. Colours were not too saturated, and fairly accurate to the scene. The bokeh for portrait shots was striking, and atmospheric. The telephoto's zoom is pretty decent, and usable. Lowlight shots were great. Some photos had some smearing, but generally the noise was kept in check, and the colours were good. Videos turned out pretty decent with good dynamic range. Overall, I was very impressed by the Find N3's cameras.

Oppo Find N3
Oppo's new Boundless View feature lets you have three apps on the screen, though as you can see here, the two “off-screen” apps take up just a sliver of the screen real estate. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Oppo says its new Boundless View lets you work across three apps, with two apps side by side, and a third app off-screen and below the two — you'll see only a sliver of this third app. It sounds good on paper. But there are some drawbacks. For one, I couldn't resize the apps after opening all three. I can only swap their positions. Sometimes the Find N3 would open three apps side by side — instead of two at the top and a sliver of the third app at the bottom. And I can't tell when that happens, is it the apps I picked? Basically, the software makes that decision, not me. Now, the multi-tasking on the Z Fold 5 isn't perfect either. But the Find N3 felt more frustrating to use. It's less intuitive at handling multiple windows.

Oppo's foldable also fared worse than its Samsung rival in our battery life test. It managed 6.5hr in PCMark's battery test compared with 7hr 18min for the Z Fold 5. However, I have no complaints about the performance of the Find N3 and its flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Oppo is confident enough to match Samsung's pricing — the Find n3 costs S$2,399. For the most part, this confidence is justified. The Oppo Find N3 offers the best cameras on a foldable. The screens, build quality and design are excellent, too. But I feel the multi-tasking could be better. If you're not too bothered about multi-tasking, but want a large screen for videos and games, the Find N3 is a great choice. It's available now at Lazada, and Shopee.

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Best-in-class display, cameras and hinge in a foldable phone

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