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Omnidesk Classic Wildwood Compact review: Quality style

Omnidesk Classic Wildwood Compact review: Quality style

Omnidesk Classic Wildwood Compact

As much as I liked the standard Omnidesk Classic, there's something about the Omnidesk Classic Wildwood Compact version that stands out. Its solid walnut wood table top feels a lot more luxurious and premium than the Classic's powder coated surface. If you can afford the extra cost, the Wildwood Compact is worth it.

Quick specs

  • Table dimensions: 122cm, 153cm, 183cm (length), 60cm, or 76cm (width)
  • Available in Natural Hevea, Richbrown Hevea, Acacia+, Walnut, Pheasantwood
  • Available in black or white frame
  • 40mm/s speed, touchscreen controller with programmable preset height

For the Classic Wildwood Compact, I opted for the longer 153cm versus the 122cm. The extra space meant I could stuff quite a bit more on top. The longer table also means I can put a PC mount without worrying about my legs bumping into it while seated. Meanwhile, the shorter depth means it's a lot easier to fit into small rooms. That's something I quite like with the Classic series. However, if you're using a big 30-inch monitor, it will feel too close to your eyes. Based on my tests, the longer 153cm is enough space for a three monitor setup.

Omnidesk Clssic
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Otherwise, the Classic Wildwood Compact is similar to the Classic I previously reviewed. As previously noted, the Classic only comes with two columns, which maxes out at 121cm versus the Ascent's 125cm. The table moves moves up or down at 40mm/s, and supports weights of up to 130kg. I have no issues with the stability, and you can also add castors if you need to move it around. The Classic's controller is also pretty minimalist, with four programmable heights. You can also connect it to your phone and control it remotely with the Omnidesk Life App. The USB-C port at the side is only for software updates. It cannot charge your devices, despite what the website says.

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Lastly, I also recommend getting a power strip, but the longer 153cm gives you a bit more space to position the strip better. It still has to be positioned in front, though. I still recommend having the power plug orientation facing forward, so you have more space for the wires, or if you have a particularly large charger. Also consider getting the Power Clamp so you can have also plug a charger on the top if needed.

Omnidesk Classic Wildwood Compact
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

While the Omnidesk Classic starts at S$649 for the compact version, choosing the Wildwood Compact version bumps it up to S$948. That's only for the Natural Hevea, and if you want the most expensive Pheasantwood version, be prepared to top up another S$400. Our review Walnut version requires a S$300 top-up. But it looks and feels really good, so I think it's worth the extra cash. Be sure to also choose from either a white or black frame. Get it from Omnidesk.

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Enough space despite shorter depth

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