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Omnidesk Classic review: Compact size

Omnidesk Classic review: Compact size

Omnidesk Classic

If your standard Omnidesk table feels too big for you, then the newest Omnidesk Classic could be just the thing. I've been using the standard Classic at home for a week or so now, and I really like the fact that it has a much shorter 60cm width because this allows me to use it at home where space is a premium. I did think I would miss the extra desk space, but somehow I managed.

Quick specs

  • Table dimensions: 122cm, 153cm, 183cm (length), 60cm, or 76cm (width)
  • Frame and motor weight: 30kg
  • Available in black or white frame
  • 40mm/s speed, touchscreen controller with programmable preset height

The shorter width means it fits better in places such as offices or smaller rooms, but comes with some compromises such as monitor arm placement. You can only place it at the back as the sides don't have enough space. It's still fine to mount them at the back, but bear in mind you won't be able to swing them too far back. I tested with a 27-inch monitorusing the Ulti Aura RGB Monitor Arm, and indeed, if you want your monitor closer to the back, the arm will stick out. My recommendation is to use a Prism+ Arc Stealth Pro, which uses a pole design that gives you room to play with. Otherwise, you can probably drill a hole into your table but there's not much space to do so here. There's limited space in below to mount the clamp due to the cable management tray.

Omnidesk Classic
Depending on your monitor arm, it may stick out.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The smaller space does mean that if your monitor is big — 30-inches or more, and you won't have much width to position it further away from you. Of course, if you're fine with a monitor right in your face, then ignore me. Looks wise, it's similar to the excellent Ascent, including the same lengths of 122cm, 153cm, and 183cm. However, the Classic only comes with two columns, which means the max height is slightly shorter at 121cm versus the Ascent's 125cm. Speed wise it moves up or down at 40mm/s, and supports weights of up to 130kg. I found the table stable as well, even with my cats jumping on and off. However, it may feel tight for them to squeeze in, given the slightly limited table space.

Omnidesk Classic
The button lights turn off when not in use, which gives it a clean look.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Classic controller comes with a minimalist look, and is a full touchscreen controller with four programmable heights. I like that it turns off when not in use, compared to the printed buttons of the Ascent. It also works with the Omnidesk Life App, which tracks when you are standing or sitting. The USB-C port at the side of the controller is for software updates, only. Other features include the same cable management tray under the desk. If you want to mount a power strip, there's only space to do it on closer to the front. Older Omnidesk models have the strip towards the back and closer to the cable management tray. I recommend installing the strip with the power points facing forward like in the picture below. That way, plugs with stiffer cables won't struggle to fit.

Omnidesk Classic
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Omnidesk Classic is available now with prices starting from S$649 for the compact version, while the regular tables are S$679. Wildwood versions are S$948 but only come in 76cm widths for now. You can choose between a white or black frame, though white looks better to me. Get it from Omnidesk.

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