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Omnidesk Atlas Anti Fatigue Mat review: Comfortable feet

Omnidesk Atlas Anti Fatigue Mat review: Comfortable feet

Omnidesk Atlas

If you're planning on doing more standing while working, the Omnidesk Atlas Anti Fatigue Mat is perfect. This anti-fatigue mat features gel used in running shoes, so it makes standing on one feel like you're floating on clouds — or a soft yet firm bed that makes your feet go yay.

Quick specs

  • 77 x 51.5 x 1.9cm (Mini), 100 x 51.5 x 1.9cm (Standard)
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Anti-fatigue gel

The Atlas Mat comes in two sizes, Mini and Standard. The Mini is at 77cm at the longest, while the Standard is one metre. Both have the same height and depth. Even though it's smaller, the Mini is still pretty big. There's plenty of room for your feet, and fits well even under a normal desk. The non-slip finish at the bottom keeps the mat pretty stuck on the ground.

Omnidesk Atlas
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I like standing on the Atlas. It's like floating on a cloud. You don't really feel like you're putting all your weight on your feet. It really helps if you're trying to do more standing desk work, too. While it works best with the Omnidesk Ascent or other standing tables, you can also use the mat on a normal seated desk. Resting your feet on the mat while seated is also pretty neat. I've also used it at my couch for my feet to rest on while watching Netflix.

Omnidesk Atlas
The back of the mat features a non-slip finish.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

There is one drawback though — the mat is almost 2cm high, which prevents your chairs from rolling up. That means you can't slide your chair in all the way under the desk if the mat is there. That's obviously not the most ergonomic of positions, but there are times where I just want to lay back lazily while working. If you're sitting upright, the mat is positioned nicely for your feet to rest.

Retailing at S$79 for the Mini and S$89 for the Standard, the Omnidesk Atlas Anti Fatigue Mat is great for your feet. I love just how it feels. Now, to be fair, I've yet to try other foam-based mats, but the Atlas is already way better than a yoga mat in terms of feel. Get it from Shopee or from Omnidesk.

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Perfect for your feet.

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