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Omnidesk Ascent review: Rising smooth

Omnidesk Ascent review: Rising smooth

Omnidesk Ascent

The Omnidesk Ascent is the third version of Omnidesk's height-adjustable desks, and features a faster motor as well as a new controller with app support. The new version, though, does start with a S$150 premium over last year's Omnidesk Pro. However, the improvements do somewhat justify the cost, but your best bet would be to grab it before the launch sale ends on Dec 6 or hold for the next round of sales.

Quick specs

  • Table dimensions: 48-, 60-, 72-inch (length), 30-inch (width)
  • Frame and motor weight: 37.5kg
  • Available in black or white frame
  • 60mm/s speed, OLED screen controller with programmable preset height

For the review, I chose a 48-inch Wildwood Hevea top — and the quality definitely impressed. It feels reassuringly solid with a nice luxurious feel. The legs are stable, even when I pressed my weight down on it. The table can support up to a 130kg load, which I tested by planting my 90kg self on top of it, and pressing the Up button. No issues there — the motor didn't sound like it was struggling. I'm told that the motor is rated for around 10 years of use by an average user. If you need a wider table, there are also 60-inch and 72-inch tops. The Wildwood collection starts at S$1,249. If you don't fancy wooden tops, there are the default options which feature powder coating, and also comes with a curved edge. There's also a bamboo top option as well.

Omnidesk Ascent
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The one major change for the Omnidesk Ascent is its new controller, which has a larger OLED screen, RGB color options, bigger buttons, and app control. While the controller has four presets, the app can store up to nine. The app also lets you adjust the height remotely and can help track the time you spend sitting or standing. During testing, I found that your phone needs to be nearby for it to track your standing time. The Bluetooth range seems intentionally short — it will stop tracking if you're away from the desk. On my iPhone 13 mini, if you move out of the app or lock your phone, iOS seems to drop the Bluetooth connection and it stops tracking. If you want it to track accurately, you'll have to leave the app on or use an Android phone.

Omnidesk Ascent
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Other improvements include being around 30% faster than the previous model at 60mm/s. My test shows it takes about 13 seconds to go from the minimum height of 60cm to the maximum of 125cm, or about 50mm/s. There's a slight startup time, which probably explains the discrepancy. But it's fast enough to feel fluid. The redesigned frame also comes with three magnetic trays for cable management. I couldn't quite use this on the shortest table, but if you have a longer table, these will be useful to properly hide loose wires. The table also comes with a cable management bar under the grommet hole, which is useful to hold power adapters and the like. The optional Zen cable management tools also made it easy to bundle up wires to keep things neat.

All in all, the Omnidesk Ascent is a pretty good addition to Omnidesk's ecosystem of height-adjustable tables. The table's fast speed and great controller make it the standing desk to beat at the moment. One thing I heartily recommend to also get is the Powerbar accessory. That's a six-plug extension bar mounted under the table. The Atlas mat is also something to consider — it makes standing up to work extremely comfortable. You can't go wrong with this table, especially the Wildwood top for that premium look. Get the Ascent here (S$950), or the Wildwood Collection here (S$1,249).

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The best table yet for working while sitting or standing.

Omnidesk Ascent
Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood Collection

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