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Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser review: Higher ergo better

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser review: Higher ergo better

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser

Ergonomics experts recommend positioning the top of laptop screens at about, or just below, eye level. I find that compact, foldable laptop stands tend not to achieve this. They don't give enough height, and you end up using a box or thick textbooks to raise it. The Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser solves that problem with its folding design. 

Quick specs

  • Compatible with 10″ to 17.3″ laptops
  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • Around 300g

Closed, the Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser measures a compact 245 x 35mm. It has more joints than your regular foldable stand, as two corners fold out to prop the entire base up. This raises the front of the stand by about 10cm. From there, I can adjust the stand to one of 10 possible angles, determined by the cutouts in the base.

Oatsbasf stand folded
The stand folds down to a compact size for storage.
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

After setting the Oatsbasf Laptop Stand to the desired height, I need to flip out two little legs to rest the notebook in place. Rubber sheaths encase these legs so they won't scratch your laptop. In addition, they give more friction so the laptop stays in place. The stand is solidly built with stiff joints, and remains stable even when I remove my laptop.

Oatsbasf stand laptops compare
I need two books to get the same height with a regular stand
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

For my setup, I have a 13-inch Macbook Pro (2014) raised to the maximum height using the Oatsbasf stand. This results in the top of the screen being about 41cm from the table's surface, just below my eye level. In comparison, using a stand that sits flat on the tabletop, the same screen's top edge is about 36cm high. This seemingly small difference of 5cm gave me more flexibility in adjusting the ergonomics of my workspace. I no longer need to prop up the stand with books, and had greater freedom in adjusting the height of my chair to make sure my feet are flat on the ground.

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The Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser achieves a laptop height increase without using solutions like tabletop shelves, bulky aluminium stands, or two stacked dictionaries. Sometimes also going by the name Oatsbasf Z02, it's available for around S$24 on Lazada, Shopee and Amazon. Also check out this no-brand foldable laptop stand for couch working.

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A good foldable stand that gives more height.

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