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Ninja Blast BC151 review: Handy blender

Ninja Blast BC151 review: Handy blender

Ninja Blast BC151
Powerful blending
Fits nicely in a bag
Only big enough for personal servings
No way to adjust speed

I really like the Ninja Blast BC151 portable blender. It offers an easy way to make smoothies, dips, and soups. And you can also take your unblended smoothies on the go, to blend only when you want to drink a fresh one.

The Ninja Blast BC151 is really easy to use. But it also packs in safety features to ensure you don't accidentally injure yourself. For one, the blender will not turn on without the blender vessel in place. It uses magnets to determine that the vessel is installed before the blender can even enter the startup sequence. And once you turn it on, you'll need to wait around five seconds before you can hit the start button.

Quick specs

  • Weight: 0.79kg
  • Battery life: Rated at 10 blends on full charge
  • Motor runs at 14,069RPM

In terms of performance, the Ninja Blast BC151 is pretty powerful. The steel blades are designed to create a vortex that helps suck everything downwards, and the blades chomped through everything I threw at it, including ice cubes. Ensure that there's enough space between your ingredients and sufficient liquid for it to work, otherwise it will get stuck.

Ninja Blast BC151
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I used it mainly to make smoothies. That's pretty fun and easy to do. Just chuck in your fruits, milk, yogurt, along with some ice cubes, and hit the button. In about 30 seconds, everything is blended to a really fine mix. Once done, you can either blend it again, but there's usually no need for it. You can also use it to blend soup, such as a mushroom soup into a paste for a cream of mushroom mix.

Ninja Blast BC151
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

You can flip the Ninja Blast BC151 upside down, unscrew the motor base, then screw on the included cap to take it with you. The blender is small enough to fit into your backpack, and secure enough it doesn't accidentally open or spill. Ninja told me that one way of using the blender is to just bring the whole unit with you, while you keep the ingredients inside and blend only when you're ready to drink. The sip lid also locks in place when opened to prevent it from closing while drinking or pouring. It's a thoughtful touch that I appreciate very much.

Ninja Blast BC151
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Battery life is great. While it's rated at 10 full blends on a full charge, I was able to get more than 15 charges in my tests with just water. It may run less if you use chunkier ingredients that require more power. It uses a USB-C port that's compatible with PD chargers, so you can charge it in the office if need be. The blender also works when plugged in, though it does start feeling warm after 10 blends. Washing is also easy. Just fill up water to the minimal level with a bit of dishwashing liquid, and hit blend to get it to clean itself.

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Lastly, if you need more recipes, you can always head to the Ninja Test Kitchen site for help. At S$99, the Ninja Blast BC151 is a can buy for sure. I like how powerful and easy to use it is. Best of all, it's super portable, perfect for gym-goers who want to make a protein shake on the spot after hitting the weights. Get from Shopee or Lazada.

Note: Review unit provided by Shark Ninja.

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Powerful performance in portable form

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