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Mobot OVO Electric Bicycle review: Double range

Mobot OVO Electric Bicycle review: Double range

Moboto OVO Electric Bicycle

There's plenty to like about the Mobot OVO Electric Bicycle. It rides incredibly smooth, and you can still use it even when the battery is flat. But for that to happen, the dual batteries onboard will need to run out of juice first. The OVO has a range of around 50km to 70km depending on your usage pattern, and three power modes. There's also a key fob to lock your bike with. You can easily able go anywhere on the island, with minimal sweat to boot.

Quick specs

  • 20-inch wheels with disc brakes
  • Up to 70km range
  • 36V motor and dual batteries (5,200mAh and 7,800mAh)
  • 19.5kg weight, 120kg max load
Moboto OVO Electric Bicycle
The built-in 7,800mAh battery.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The first speed mode will let you comfortably ride around 20km/h with minimal pedaling. The second one will let you get you up to the max legal speed of 25km/h with barely any pedaling. The third speed mode also caps at 25km/h, but if you need the extra power to go up slopes, use this mode. I found the second speed mode to be the most comfortable to ride with. Otherwise, lightly pedaling is more than enough to keep the motor running while you cruise along. If you choose to not use the motor power at all, the bicycle can do 18km/h with some work. You will need to pedal a bit harder to get up to speed, but after that, it's just a matter of effort. It's also easier to pedal manually compared to the Mobot Nakxus NF1.

Moboto OVO Electric Bicycle
The on-off switch is here.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I managed to get around 24.5km with just the smaller battery (5,200mAh) on speed two. With the fixed 7,800mAh battery, I think it's possible to travel over 50km in total. The smaller battery is cleverly hidden in the frame and can be removed. To do so, hold down on the key fob's button, until you hear a click, remove the cover, and pull out the battery. There are two charging points on the bike for each battery. Charging takes a few hours, so be prepared. To switch between batteries, just flip the switch located near the bottom of the handlebar stem.

Other things I like about the OVO are the 20-inch wheels with disc brakes. They roll along really smoothly. The bike's sleek racy look is also nice to look at. I tried a slightly rough track, and the thicker tyres held up well. I don't recommend using this for trails though. Stick to roads and bicycle paths. The default grips aren't my favourite — they are painful to hold long term and really dig into your palms. You should change them. The key fob also unlocks or arms the built-in alarm, which triggers if the bike is touched or moved. The alarm doesn't work if the power switch is off, though. But without the key, you won't be able to use the electric features.

Retailing at S$1,699, the Mobot OVO Electric Bicycle isn't that cheap, especially when compared to other electric bikes. But you're paying for a road-legal dual-battery electric bike with a great range. It's also pretty good looking to boot. The OVO is a pretty zippy ride and I've had a lot of fun testing it out. You can get it from Mobot's website.

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Sleek e-bike with great range.

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