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Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle review: Effortless pedaling

Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle review: Effortless pedaling

Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle

I had plenty of fun taking the Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle out for a ride. With its five powered modes and maximum range of 50km, I found myself zooming along without breaking a sweat along the park connectors and on the road, but capped to the legal limit of 25 km/h, of course.

Quick specs

  • 20kg
  • 16-inch wheels
  • 36V 250W motor
  • Can charge your phone via USB port on the controller

Designed to be foldable, the Nakxus NF1 bends in half, with the handlebar stem closing downwards. It's very similar to the older Dahon bikes, and is pretty easy to do. This makes the bike half the size for storage. While you can bring it on public transport, it doesn't have a lock, so the bike will swing open if you're trying to carry it. You should consider a strap if you want to take the train or the bus as part of your commute. I liked how the Nakxus cleverly designs around the fold by hiding the removable 8,700mAh battery inside the frame. There's a lock to prevent unauthorised removal of the battery. You can also charge the battery directly or via a charging port on the frame.

Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Other features of the bike include a detachable rear lights, built-in front lights, dual disc brakes and a rear suspension to help make bumps a lot more comfortable. I found the default seat to be a bit hard on my rear, but you may actually like the firmness. Using the bike is pretty simple, just turn on the power on the controller located on the handlebar, hold on the + button to turn on the front light, and adjust the amount of power-assist through the + or – buttons. The 36V, 250W motor is then ready to get you moving.

Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

1 or 2 will get you around 15km/h, but you will have to pedal a little, while 3 is around 20km/h. 4 will let you easily hit 22km/h, and 5 will get you to 24 km/h, just under the legal 25km/h limit. When you're pedaling on 5, you'll barely need to do anything, just lightly spin the pedals and you're off. You should also turn off the power when you get off. Otherwise, a slight tap on the pedals may see your bike zooming away without you. The NF1 has a range of 50km, but that's if you weigh at 60kg and use the lower power modes. Otherwise, you'll get around 32km zooming at speed 5, based on my tests. Of course, you can still pedal normally, but that's a lot of effort, as I discovered.

The Mobot Nakxus NF1 Electric Bicycle will get you places. I really like how easy it is to use, and if space is a premium, you can also fold it for storage. It's also LTA approved and comes with free registration and license plate. It currently retails for S$1,399, but you may have to wait for stocks to arrive. Lastly, here's a reminder, e-bikes are only allowed on roads and park connectors, but not on pavements. You'll need to wear a helmet, too.

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A lot of fun to ride.

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