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Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard review: Effective TV text input

Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard review: Effective TV text input

Entering text using a remote control on a Smart TV can sometimes be frustrating. However, most people don't do it enough to justify spending too much on a wireless keyboard. The Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard (also known as Rii Mini i8) will solve your TV typing woes, and only costs as much as a morning latte.

Quick specs

  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver
  • 107g
  • Full QWERTY layout and trackpad
  • micro-USB port for charging

Weighing 107g, the Mini i8 is very light. A rechargeable (via the micro-USB port) battery pack hidden behind a removable back cover powers the device. The 1,020mAh BL-5C battery is a common battery model for many old Nokia mobile phones, which makes it easy to replace. Also found behind the battery cover is the wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver for the Mini i8. Plug that into your TV's USB port and your keyboard is all set to go.

The Mini i8 has a full QWERTY layout, number row and even a function row. The keys provide great tactile feedback with their rubbery texture and satisfying click when depressed. Measuring about 10cm from the Q to P key, typing on this keyboard is similar to using a smartphone in landscape orientation. The larger keys and spacing between them ensures you make fewer typing mistakes. It's slower than using a narrower keyboard (the kind commonly associated with Blackberry devices), but that's okay since you won't need to type a movie title or URL at 60 words per minute.

You will find a small touchpad above the keypad. It supports tapping to left-click and two-finger scrolling, in addition to dedicated mouse-click buttons on the left side of the device. It has a small surface area, but does an adequate job of moving a mouse pointer across a large TV screen. 

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Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not
Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

When buying the Mini i8, pay special attention to the different options on the shopping page. It comes in versions with or without backlighting, and in some cases, without the rechargeable battery, requiring AA batteries instead. Regardless, any model of the Mini i8 will get the job done if are tired of using a remote control to enter text on a TV or game console. To top it all off, the Mini i8 goes for as little as S$6 on Shopee.

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