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Martiangear Massage Pillow review: Versatile kneading

Martiangear Massage Pillow review: Versatile kneading

Martiangear Massage Pillow

Ever since the introduction of the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM, I've been on the lookout for more comfort. I already have a gaming chair, so I wasn't going to buy a new one. However, when I learnt of the Martiangear Massage Pillow, I knew this could be it. Featuring a built-in battery, four massage modes and three speeds, it's a nifty add-on to knead those sore spots away.

Quick specs

  • 1-hour battery life
  • 3 preset Shiatsu modes, dual-direction kneading
  • 3 speeds

Designed for Martiangear's range of gaming chairs, the Massage Pillow also fits other brands, depending on how wide a chair is. I've also used it in my car, but not when I'm driving, obviously. The pillow comes with a car charger as well as a normal adaptor. It has a one-hour battery life, which is more than enough to get your back loose and relaxed. As with most gaming products, it comes with lights, but a very dim one that you'll only spot at night.

Martiangear Massage Pillow
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

You don't necessarily have to use it on your back, though. The massage pillow can be used on your neck, or your head, or even your leg. It has a default rounded kneading mode, and three Shiatsu presets. There are subtle differences between the modes, which you can see when it's operating. However, I couldn't quite tell when the pillow was doing its thing. It just felt like a good knead. While there's a heating mode, I couldn't detect when I turned it on. There's no pounding mechanism.

Martiangear Massage Pillow
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

When not in use, the pillow is a tad difficult to sit on if it's on your lower back. However, you can use it at neck level. It will stay in place and prevent you from leaning forward. The pillow doesn't come with any straps, so you can't secure it to a chair. That's basically my only issue for this versatile accessory.

Retailing at just S$109, the Martiangear Massage Pillow is a great add-on to your gaming chair. While it likely fits Martiangear's own gaming chairs best, it should still work for others, as I've tested. Get it from Lazada or Martiangear's own store in either black or grey.

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Affordable muscle kneading.

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