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Magic: The Gathering Dominaria United review: Going home

Magic: The Gathering Dominaria United review: Going home

Dominaria United

Magic: The Gathering's latest expansion, Dominaria United, takes players on a journey home. Set in the home plane of Dominaria, it follows our favourite planeswalkers Karn, Ajani Goldmane, Liliana Vess, and Jaya Ballard as they enlist the help of the entire plane to fight against the world-ending Phyrexian threat.

Quick notes

  • Features Saga story cards that tell of events that happened in previous expansions
  • New takes on old legendary cards
  • Artwork is really cool and thematic

The core mechanics of this set are focused around multi-coloured play. That's due to how the lore has characters from different backgrounds working together. My favourite ability from this set is Domain, which counts how many basic land types you have and strengthens the cards with Domain accordingly. This plays exceptionally well with the dual lands of the set, which are lands with two land types that enter the battlefield tapped. The inclusion of these lands makes the draft formats significantly more interesting.

Dominaria United
The Phyrexians definitely looks scary.
Credit: Wizards of the Coast

We got our hands on some draft boosters, set boosters, and collector boosters early. The card designs impressed me. However, the printing for the collector boosters look a bit sub-standard. It's kind of disappointing considering how these cards are supposedly the premium version of the boosters. Having said that, the cards from both draft booster and set booster are perfect, so I definitely recommend buying those.

Credit: Raye Ng/Can Buy or Not

The power level of this set is significantly lower than Double Masters, the previous released set. That's because Dominaria United is a true expansion with actual new cards. Double Masters, though, is a reprint expansion to get old and powerful cards into the hands of players who need them. Lastly, expansions such as Dominaria United are about two to three times cheaper than Masters set so you still get your money's worth of cards.

As a long-time player, Dominaria United is an absolute joy to play. I loved being able to revisit the Dominaria plane, cracking open packs to see new takes on old legendary characters. Lore events being immortalised as Saga cards made things even better. This is definitely an expansion to get. Get it from Shopee, with prices starting from S$5.99.

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A great expansion with new cards and lore.

Buy from Shopee

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