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Love Cat Korean Tofu Litter 7L review: Purrfect cleaning

Love Cat Korean Tofu Litter 7L review: Purrfect cleaning

Love Tofu Korea Cat Litter

Having a cat usually means cleaning up poop daily at home. Thankfully, most cats can be easily trained to use a litter box. Your choice of litter also affects how much cleaning you have to do. Ever since I've discovered the flushable Love Cat Korean Tofu Litter, I've not looked back. The litter is easy to use, clumps quickly, and can be disposed of by just flushing it down the toilet.

Quick specs

  • Original (unscented), green tea, or coffee versions
  • 7L
  • Flushable

The litter comes in three flavors, original (unscented), green tea, and coffee. I much prefer the original, since you don't want to confuse your cat's sense of smell when it's looking for its litter box. However, I did test out the coffee and green tea versions and found that my cat had no issues. I do want to note that the coffee or green tea versions do a better job of covering the ammonia smell of pee, but the original works fine as well.

Love Tofu Korea Cat Litter
I used water to test out the clumping, and it took about 10 seconds.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Love Cat litter does a good job of clumping. It takes about less than 10 seconds for clumping to happen, and it turns into something resembling a cookie dough. I did notice that the clumped bits can break into smaller pieces if they are still absorbing. However, once “dry”, the the pieces are pretty solid until they encounter liquid again. You can chuck the clumps down a toilet bowl since the litter is flushable. They will break up in water and turn powdery, making it very easy to flush. Sand-based litter, on the other hand, has to be disposed into a garbage chute.

Love Tofu Korea Cat Litter
The pellets aren't too big and are easy for your cats to dig up.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Because the pellets are slightly on the small side, it's easy for my cats to dig into and bury their poo under. However, it's likely that the smaller bits will fly out of the litter box when digging, or they may track some of the litter around. However, because it's not the finer sand-based litter, it's pretty easy to pick these up to toss them back into the litter box. You can, and will find pellets in the oddest of places.

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Retailing at S$8.90 for a 7L pack, the Love Cat Korean Tofu Litter has been my go to for the last four years now. Each pack lasts around a month, depending on how often your cats visit the toilet. You can get it at Shopee or Lazada. Note that you'll need a scoop with narrow slits to help sieve out the pellets. Rounded hole scoops won't work very well.

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Flushable litter for your cats.

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