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Lollababy Nasal Aspirator review: Mucus sucking power

Lollababy Nasal Aspirator review: Mucus sucking power

Lollababy Nasal Aspirator

I honestly never knew I really needed the Lollababy Nasal Aspirator until the birth of my baby girl Gemma. It's gentle and perfect for sucking out mucus, snot and boogers easily. I even used it on myself to test how safe it is. Honestly, it is extremely satisfying when I suck out my own mucus with it.

Quick specs

  • Waterproof
  • 2 spare silicon rings
  • HSA approved

I bought this when I was pregnant, as I know that babies don't know how to blow their noses. I'm pretty sure I didn't use one when I was her age — I don’t know how my parents actually did it, but I am thankful for technological progress. The nasal aspirator comes with three different medical grade tip sizes, so it should fit most babies (and adults).

The Lollababy runs off two AA batteries — and you can use rechargeable ones as well. It's not loud when in use, so it doesn't scare Gemma. While I know you don't need to use it every day, I do pop it in Gemma's nose when she has the flu to suck out her mucus. She's gotten pretty much used to it by now. It's also a lot more environmentally friendly than carrying a ton of tissues around to wipe mucus off her face.

Lollababy Nasal Aspirator
Credit: Cordelia Low/Can Buy or Not
Lollababy Nasal Aspirator
Credit: Lollababy

I do want to note though, if your kid is suffering from a blocked nose, you will need to apply Sterimar Nasal Spray to wet and soften the mucus first before you use the Nasal Aspirator. I have yet to need to try this, since Gemma mostly has a runny nose. Cleaning the tool is also easy, just remove the tip, tip it downwards and rinse with water.

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The Lollababy Nasal Aspirator normally retails for around S$129, but you can get it for around S$109 during a sale on e-commerce platforms like Shopee or Lazada. And remember, you don't need to use this with your kids — the next time I'm suffering from a flu or a blocked nose, I'm definitely using this to help clear out my own clogged mucus-filled nostrils. 

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Perfect for leaky noses.

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