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Logitech MX Keys review: Springy typing

Logitech MX Keys review: Springy typing

The Logitech MX Keys presents a strange conundrum. Everyone knows just how good mechanical keyboards, such as the Keychron K2 and K8 are, yet the MX Keys offers a compelling low-profile typing experience that puts a spring to your fingers.

Quick specs

  • Single metal plate body
  • Smart backlight illumination
  • USB Type-C charging port

Typing on the MX Keys is a breeze — once my fingers got used to the positioning to the full-sized keyboard. It does feel like it requires a bit more force to hit the keys, and there's none of that actual clicky feeling you'd get from mechanical switches. Instead it's a nice bounce that helps push you to the next key faster. Also, each key features a slight inward curve to guide your fingers to the right position.

The MX Keys I reviewed supported both Windows and Mac, and with the Logitech Flow software, allowed me to use both computers at the same time. I could easily switch between systems. It's best paired with the excellent Logitech MX Master 3 mouse for the best work experience. Like the MX Master 3, the MX Keys also connects up to three devices via Bluetooth and can work with Logitech's dongle. The backlit proximity sensor works like magic, lighting the keyboard only when your hands are near and about to touch.

I did take some time to get used to this low profile keyboard. Logitech claims 10 days with backlight and 50 days without for the battery, and I have yet to charge it since I first started using it a week ago. Because it's not mechanical, it's a lot quieter to use in the office and less annoying to your colleagues.

The Logitech MX Keys is available on your usual e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada for S$169. There appears to be a bit of a backlog in stock (at time of writing) so you may have to wait for stocks to arrive.

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A delightful bouncy typing experience.

Available at Lazada
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