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Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse review: Upright comfort

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse review: Upright comfort

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse puts your hand in a comfortable upright position. Compared to Logitech's highest-end MX Vertical, the Lift Vertical is smaller, and comes in white, black and pink. 

  • 125g
  • Optical tracking, 400 to 4,000 DPI
  • Bluetooth or USB wireless receiver
  • 1x AA battery (included)

I use a mouse in a vertical position to reduce wrist movement. Those who have pain from carpal tunnel will also benefit as you don't apply pressure to your wrist when using a vertical mouse. The Lift Vertical fulfills these goals by putting your hand in what Logitech calls  a “natural handshake position”. It is light at 125g, and glides smoothly across the table so moving it around is effortless. Granted, the feet aren't as smooth as those found on gaming mice, but that's not going to be an issue for productivity. 

Logitech Lift Vertical colors
Credit: Logitech

Mouse buttons require a gentle press to use, and are very quiet, ideal for the office environment. The scroll wheel is also quiet, and works smoothly, yet gives enough tactile feedback while moving. The Lift Vertical also comes with two additional thumb buttons, scroll click, and an extra button below the scroll wheel. These can be customised using Logitech's software. The buttons and their soft-touch finish make the Lift Vertical a pleasure to use for long hours. Designed for average or smaller hand sizes, this mouse is perfectly suited for my slightly-small hands. Those with larger hands may find the MX Vertical more suitable. 

Base of Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
The AA battery and USB receiver are under a magnetic cover. Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

The Lift vertical uses a single AA battery (included), and Logitech claims this can last for up to two years. Many like rechargeable mice, but I prefer AA since it lasts for years, rather than recharging every few months. Connectivity-wise, the Lift Vertical works via Bluetooth, or wirelessly through a USB receiver. An “Easy-Switch” button lets you connect, and move between three devices effortlessly. I take advantage of this feature moving between the office computer (Bluetooth) and my personal laptop (USB) when home. Note that this mouse is significantly larger than a regular office mice so it won't easily fit in a laptop bag.

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Having an ergonomic setup these days has become much easier with such specially-designed tables, keyboards, and mice becoming more commonplace. The Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is a good choice that's widely available from a major brand. Unlike a generic vertical mice that cost S$50 or less, you do pay a premium for the Logitech quality and brand. It goes for S$119 on Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon SG.

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Comfortable but costly.

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