LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen review: Amazingly good

LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen

The first version of the LG's powered air filter was already great, but the sequel, the LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen further improves it. Featuring a lighter build, voice-pass through and much longer battery life, it's a 100% can buy. If keeping cool while wearing a mask is your thing, then this is even better than the excellent Under Armour SportsMask Featherweight. Of course, they are two very different types of masks.

Quick specs

  • 8 hour battery life, 2 hours to charge
  • 94g
  • Dual inverter fan

The second generation of the LG Wearable Air Filter has undergone a slight redesign. The replaceable cloth filter is now under the silicone seal instead of inside. The seal also uses more magnets to secure it in place, making it a lot easier to install since you can just snap it in place. The dual HEPA filters are also installed from the back, leaving the front a smooth curve. Another positive change is that the straps are now adjustable — you simply pull to tighten. It's also lighter — 94g versus the 126g of the first model. LG's eco-friendly packaging also includes a reusable stand for your mask while charging.

LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

LG has also changed how the mask's controls work. The previous model had three speed settings. Now, there's just one speed setting, with the mask automatically adjusting to how fast and deep you are breathing. It's great. However, the turning on beep is a tad soft, and hard to hear in noisy public spaces. The mask also comes with Bluetooth, but the app to connect with the mask has not yet been released.

LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen
The HEPA filters are installed at the back.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

A feature that I really liked was VoiceOn, which basically taps a built-in speaker to project your voice, making you more audible. Just hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it on or off. I tested it with a recording app and my voice definitely sounded clearer. People I spoke to could also tell the difference with VoiceOn, well, on. With a battery life rating of eight hours, I was able to use it for a full work day. It's a definite improvement over the first version.

Retailing at S$249, the LG Puricare Wearable Air Filter 2nd Gen isn't cheap. But it's a fantastic improvement over the original. It's just a shame that the first generation UVNano case isn't compatible with the new model, so you have to get a new version. This case, however, has not been released yet. Get the LG wearable air filter from Shopee or Lazada.

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This upgraded powered wearable air filter keeps you cool while masked.

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