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LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer review: Fast dry air

LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer review: Fast dry air

LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier

Singapore's weather is ridiculously humid, and it sucks. Your stuff gets mouldy, toilets always feel damp, and clothes don't dry as quick. The LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer lets you suck up all the moisture in the air quickly, while also helping to kill bacteria with its built-in Ionizer. A large 30L tank ensures you can suck up a lot of water to keep things dry.

Quick specs

  • Dual-inverter compressor
  • 415 x 685 x 296mm
  • LG ThinQ support
  • Roller wheels on the bottom for easy transport

First things first, the LG dehumidifier isn't an aircon like the Close Comfort Cool Focus portable personal aircon. So it will not cool your room. Much like the Youpin Deerma DEM-DT16C Dehumidifier, the process of drying out your room will heat it up somewhat. LG says it's around 1 to 3 degrees Celsius. In a bigger room, you won't feel it as much. A smaller room though, and you'll find yourself uncomfortable. That said, while warm, it's not as humid. I also like that the vents are covered, and opens up when in use. However, unlike the Youpin, you can set your preferred humidity, but only in steps of 5%.

LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The LG dehumidifier comes with a few modes. You can control all of them remotely with the LG ThinQ app. Smart is the default, which automatically adjusts the compressor to maintain the humidity level. Jet lets you rapidly dehumidify, while Silent is what the name suggests. Compared with the much cheaper Youpin Deerma, the LG dehumidifer is quieter, even in Jet mode. Other buttons include turning on the ionizer, setting fan speeds, and the desired humidity. The dehumidifier also comes with two attachments and a hose. You can use these attachments to dry clothes or shoes. You will have to set the dehumidifier to the Spot Drying mode, which blows the dry air from a vent in the back. Lastly, the extendable hose can also be used as a drainage pipe if you don't want to use the tank.

LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Speaking of the tank, the 30L capacity takes about half a day to fill. You can remove the water tank with one hand, but pouring water out can be tricky. I recommend doing it from the left side with the handle closer to you. Otherwise, it just drips everywhere while you're pouring it. Speed-wise, in a small-ish HDB toilet, it took about 15 minutes to go from 75% humidity to around 50%. However, it took about another 15 minutes to go to 45%. That's still pretty quick. My bedroom is actually two rooms combined, and it took more than 15 minutes to go from 65% to 60%. The ionizer also appears to help reduce odours.

Retailing at S$699, the LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer isn't cheap. But it's powerful and gets the job done. You can also use it to quickly dry your wet laundry (one at a time), too. Get it from Shopee or Lazada.

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Great for drying out humid air in a room.

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